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I buy this products. I don’t understand log file is not work. May I have example projects for me.

Did you read the documentation ? Can you please explain ‘what’ is not working ? Do you get errors, or just nothing happens ? What function do you call and when ?

Many people are using this library to log the traffic of their sites, so it’s impossible that this library just “doesn’t work” :) Please provide more details, and I am sure we can figure out what’s wrong.

Excellent, simple log class. Thank you so much, this is a really helpful tool! And the documentation was great.

Thank you. Also, it will be slowly (but constantly) improved to even become better one.

Does it heavily rely on PHP 5 .3 or it would be easy to convert it to get it working right on 5.2?

I guess this should work on any PHP 5 .x… However, I have tested it with full test-suite only on 5.3.

So, simply, it’s your risk – I cannot guarantee for 5.2, but if it works for you, please let me know :)

Works on PHP 5 .2 (confirmed on PHP 5 .2.10) !

Can you advise a utility to parse the logs? You make mention of it so you must have something that should easily plugin?

Thanks, Larry

Do you mean, the binary logs (in “advanced mode” – the BJSON ) ?

If yes: There is nothing “available as public library” currently. Only the draft of standard definition on bjson.org. We use something in Kemu Studio (for Java and PHP ) which is still not a complete solution, so simply not good enough to make it public.

However, I currently cooperate with some people which simply like the idea of bjson.org, so there WILL be a public git repository soon. This will probably include C, Qt (C++), Java, PHP and Python implementations, and after some time we will provide even more…

Please take a look at bjson.org every few weeks – encoding/decoding/parsing/traversing solutions will appear there soon, probably as open-source.

If you reeeaallly want to have something, even if it is incomplete – mail me on y@ke.mu – I will provide you what I have currently…

If you want to participate in opensource’ing of BJSON stuff – you are also welcome !

No a log viewer for standard logs

Standard logs – it’s just a text. So I simply view them in any text viewer…

I’ve great use for this :)

Is there a way to have it split files by date rather than by file size?

Also, there was an undefined index somewhere in an if clause, I had to wrap it in an isset

“files-by-date rather than file size”

I’ll consider this in incoming upgrades. However, it should be easy to modify this. The “splitting” of files is made in method shutdown(). Find the code:

if ($stat['size'] >= $this->storageFileMaxSize)

This means, that new log-file is started after the size of $this->storageFileMaxSize is reached. You can change this statement to meet your needs (e.g. check if the day/hour/minute is different).

About “undefined index”

Can you please tell me what was wrong exactly ? If it’s a bug, I will try to fix it.

I keep getting a path error with the Stored file. No matter what I enter or if I leave it out it concatenates the path the script is running in and the logs folder like so: K_Log could not create file ”/var/www/webroot/sandbox/test//var/www/webroot/logs/runlogidxStored.txt”, which is badly needed. Please check the permissions, and the path existence.

Could you please explain what exactly do you put into constructor ? What exactly is the config, and how did you create it ?

It looks like you passed ”/var/www/webroot/sandbox/test//var/www/webroot/logs/” as path. And I can see this path is definitely improper… Could you please confirm that you pass proper path as $config[‘logPath’] ?

Just to explain – the script DOES NOT any unusual magic with the path. You just need to pass the proper folder to store some files…