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Nice idea and implementation! But somehow I feel that I’m missing the whole purpose of this script. Could you be so kind and give some sample usage of this script? Maybe it is a good idea to write this also in the product presentation besides the item characteristics.
Thank you.

Thank you for viewing this product. I have updated the description adding the first three possible usages that I have thinked :)

Can you help me? When I have implemented this script, I have got only Warnings about headers. (I have sent you email with url) Maybe it would be better to share index.php into index and css? Or sth else? I do not know. What to do?

I’m having the same problem!

this show real folder in system ?

Would be perfect if i could add file discriptions and search files and in folders.


Hi, he looked very beautiful as an idea. Unfortunately, it does not work for me. I want to manage a folder with predominantly pdf files. Sometimes, if I click on the file, it does not open the file but back to the top folder. What can I do to solve it? I need to click on the file and open it directly to the browser.

Thanks, regards


I Don’t understand how I can replace Share folder.

I Use share folder in ../@video and you script place in /login folder.

You script see /login folder, but my share folder is ../@video. What You resolution? It specific argument of folder in my_files(null,”.php”); Can You make this? Thank You Very Mach