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Man, This would be a great browser tool too! Awesome script!

Thanks Ryan!

Hey iLochie, great script but I think needs more polish.

Sometimes the icon for making the link doesn’t appear after making a selection and when it does it disappears too quickly for the mouse to catch.

Once opened the generated link, making a new selection from the same page will generate incorrect link.

Hey Denon thanks for the reply, I’ll check out this error asap. [Update will be available for download within the next 24 hours.]

Ok, I believe I’ve targeted the issue, and I’ve reuploaded the fix. Should be updated some time tomorrow.

does it require mysql ? or wht it need ? :)

Yes – a MySQL database is required, and a database setup file is included.

Great concept but needs refinement for certain.

1. Link is not copied to clipboard for pasting 2. You cannot create any subsequent links before closing the current link 3. When pasting a link and visiting the page, the text is highlighted (cool) but you are unable to create another link.

Great start!

Thanks Dave, I’ll work out those errors. But as far as copying the link to the clipboard goes – it’s impossible.

[double post]

Is it possible to make a short URL service with (/combining) this script? Anyway, this script is cool and original. :)

Interesting idea. I supposed if you had a link shortening service that used some sort of API where you could send them a link and they send you one back, then you could use that in the AJAX call. I think it would be very possible, yes.

Ok, I also think this is very possible. :) But… can you make it for us to include that service on this script? Or may be in new different project?

I’m a lazy person and also don’t have time to coding it. May be you can combine these free short URL scripts:

Thx. :)

Thanks Dave, I’ll work out those errors. But as far as copying the link to the clipboard goes – it’s impossible.


Have you checked to see if that works as of recently? I know that a security update in Flash will prevent any automatic copying, but if that is strictly jQuery that that is very interesting.

Trying to put this on a WP blog. How do I do this?

Please follow the instructions in the download. Oddly enough, I’ve never actually worked with WordPress. You need to be able to include the script in your page (usually by putting it in the head section of the HTML code.)

excuse me, is it still working script or very outdated?