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Adding events doens’t work at all.. and going to the next page also.. also the overview of all events dont work..

I want my money back.

Why am i getting this errors?

Notice: Undefined index: ctrl in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/index.php on line 14

Notice: Undefined variable: tpl in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/libraries/template.php on line 6

Notice: Undefined index: task in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/application.php on line 9

Notice: Undefined index: Event in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/libraries/controller.php on line 35

Notice: Undefined index: Event in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/libraries/controller.php on line 16

Notice: Undefined index: settings in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/libraries/controller.php on line 16

Notice: Undefined index: calendar in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/libraries/controller.php on line 16

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$general in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/controllers/event.php on line 12

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/controllers/event.php on line 12

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/controllers/event.php on line 18

Notice: Undefined index: calID in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/controllers/event.php on line 19

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$width in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/models/calendar.php on line 31

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$categories in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/controllers/event.php on line 32

Notice: Undefined index: format in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/application.php on line 45

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$width in /home/pitorico/public_html/calendar/models/calendar.php on line 31

On a brand new installation I get this…. Notice: Undefined index: step in /home/pitorico/public_html/lbevents/install.php on line 142

the live preview donot work there are no example in the site

Can multiple users access this calendar and edit it at the same time? I have a customer who has 10 employees who all need to see the calendar, edit it, etc… So user 1 must be able to see everything user 2, 3, 4, etc… is doing that day AND be able to make adjustments/changes on the fly.

Hi your events calendar seems like what I have been looking for. Just one question, sounds daft but it looks very Wordpress based, is this for Wordpress or is it just files that I can use on my standard php website?

Yes, it look like WP but it is a standard PHP script and you can run it without requires install WP. Thank

Installed, but is showing many error lines. example: Strict Standards: Declaration of EventsList_Widget :: widget () shouldnt be compatible with Widget widget :: ($ instance = false) in /home/arcoscor/public_html/eventos/libraries/template/widget.php online at 408. See http://www.arcosc.org.br/eventos. My mysql 5.5 and PHP is 5.4.3.

Really, this is not “heavy” error. If you can, please send me FTP account via private message and I will fix it for you. Thank

sent per contact form in your perfil. thanks.

Hi, the bugs have been fixed. Please check your site. Thanks

How is the data formed? – is it from a database? How easy would it be to modify the code to allow the event to show in a lightbox and to add a map for the location?

Yes, the data come from database. To show the event in a lightbox you may add some custom JS code ( and may be CSS and/or PHP ). Currently, the location is shown in the map with a lightbox when you click on it

I just bought the calendar, love it by the way. But I am getting these two errors

Deprecated: Function call_user_method() is deprecated in /home/purposel/public_html/phplbevents/admin/application.php on line 25

Deprecated: Function call_user_method() is deprecated in /home/purposel/public_html/phplbevents/application.php on line 30

Can you please help

When adding an event, I get this error; http://purposelivingwithexpectancy.com/mod_sec.html Where is this page located? My installation is in http://purposelivingwithexpectancy.com/phplbevents folder

Can you send me wp login via private message?

I sent a message. Please let me know how to proceed sending you login information for the website.

Just bought this to add to my website, but unable to add any information via control panel. Adding new user gives a server 500 internal error. Adding event says ‘saved’ but nothing showing, and the same goes for the rest of the functions in PHP LBEvents. Database is fine, check permissions etc… please advise…

Hello! Please send me the login details via private message let me check it. if you can send the FTP login so i can fix the error if I find out it.

details sent….

Hello, all the error fixed, please check the admin

Hi, Please, can I use links (html tag) within the ckeditor? I tested did not work :( Thanks

Please let me know which file edit the names of the days of the week and the names of months???
I edited the file “functions.php” but gives error! :( Please?

After breaking my head I could guess things :) but could not translate the name of the MONTH. If you can help and I thank you very much !!!

Do you still mantain/support this script?