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Can you please tell me where this lovely piece of code can be used? It is for licencing our php scripts?

You can implement this script in several different ways, such as to check if a key is registered and so show a different content (e.g. you can make download a file only if the user has a valid and registered key). All this is made easy thanks to the ‘sfkeygen’ class inclused in the function file.

On your main image you have a spelling error (“Inclused”)

Thank you, I have fixed it :)

hi.. if i do delete / not use separator – the key generated been detect as not registered although i do register it…

You are right, I fixed the mixed. Open the file function.php and go on line 106, and replace:

$break[$i] = $length; $length++; } $length—; if(strlen($key) == $length) { foreach($break as $point) { if(substr($key,$point,1) != $this->char && $point != $length) { $return = false; } }


$break[$i] = $length; if(trim($this->char) != ””) { $length++; } } $length—; if(strlen($key) == $length) { if(trim($this->char) != ””) { foreach($break as $point) { if(substr($key,$point,1) != $this->char && $point != $length) { $return = false; } } }

For now it is possible to use just an empty char or a single char as separator.. I will update it soon!

Can this be used like you type name, address, website, date joined and that will generate a key? Then, when checked to verify, the name address website date joined will be shown, if the key is valid? I’m really planning to buy this if the script is okay with my concern.

script looks very interesting, how many files is it ?

Hello ciuffo

I have a couple of questions. 1) how does your script check keys “online”? In what manner? How?

2) how do you assign a key to something (ie: php file) without having to actually type the real key?


I have a predetermined Algorithm I need this to follow. Can you help me out?

Script seems nice … Is it possible to generate ‘time-limited’ ( as for monthly/annual code ) license keys ?

what is “maximum times exceeded” ?