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Are the requirements list anywhere… I didn’t notice any or may have not looked hard enough.

MySql? Php? Etc.

Nice work BTW …

The script does not require any database, but just php, the write permission and jQuery. Thank you for viewing this product, if you have other questions let me know and I will answer you :)

Can this be made so that only the person creating the sticky note can see the note?

Of course, it should be adapted accordingly. I already have in mind how to do it, but tell me have you a system of sign in / sign up?

Yeah I do9 have login system.

Hey I have sended the updated file, tomorrow it will be updated. Now you can do it, I have explained how in the documentation. However you just need to set the username value and the script will do everything. If you have other questions please contact me :)

I don’t speak English. Accented characters not accepted. Help me. Thank you

Are you using the following charset content-type? <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

The charset <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8” /> is already posted, see the resulting accent to this url: http://www.medicalacademy.eu/postit/index.php

I have sended the updated main file and it will be updated soon. In this way it should run correctly. I am sorry for the issue, even if I don’t know certainly why it doesn’t work.

P.S.: What language do You speak?

I speak Italian.

Thanks for your immediate assistance

Hi im really interested in this but i need it for Wordpress – are you planning on making this into a plug in at all or can you do that for more bucks?

i just bought your script and i like it but i would like to simplify the required form fields. I only need the name and the text. What do I edit?

hello in your description it says no mysql database or any database how is the sticky notes stored them to be see?

Hello i was wondering do you have plans to add users accounts for this and maybe can send a sticky note from one user to another user and have in each account the sticky note board like this one just wondering?

Hello, If I purchase ur item, how can I use it by iFrame, I ask that because I want add your item onto my project and show it by iFrame

in which way do you want to use it by iframe? You can set the iframe src attribute to the page of postit and it works correctly

is this getting support still?

What’s the matter?

if there the same as (ToDoTasks), it will be awesome !

Please explain better what you mean :)

I mean, what about creating another application like the sticky notes but for: ToDoList or ToDoTasks , for example, this below is todotasks app http://codecanyon.net/item/todo-app/3675148?s_phrase=print%20designer&s_rank=36

hi—im looking for something like this for my community. . where ppl can post sticky of lost dog or garage sale… but must have pics – how possible is this ? any thoughts will be helpful

Do you need this sticky notes app but with the possibility of adding images? Or something more specific? Let me know

Do you need this sticky notes app but with the possibility of adding images?
Yes, with image upload.

Also please clarify the following -
(1) News / Updates
If you want you can make so that only users that have created the sticky notes can view, move and remove them.
(2) Features
Only admin can remove sticky notes.

1 and 2 seem to be at variance. Does (1) mean only the creator of the note can delete it, and not the admin? If the admin cannot moderate, the page will be riddled with smut.

Users can do it only with their sticky notes; admin can do it with all sticky notes. Contact me by the contact form in my profile page

Stupid question, is there any plans to update the script? Its very outdated right now.

Can I modify sticky?

will this work w/ PHP 7?