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PHP jQuery Sticky notes

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News / Updates

  • 8 september A new style was added. The demo is updated!
  • 3 september If you want you can make so that only users that have created the sticky notes can view, move and remove them. All this is explained in the documentation!
  • 2 september Accented characters are now accepted;
  • 2 september Added a javascript function to show sticky notes that are out of screen;


This is a powerful sticky notes script developed in php + jQuery + CSS3.
No programming knowledge required. Documentation included.


  • You can set all available text colors;
  • You can set all available background colors;
  • You can set all available fonts;
  • You can set all available font-sizes;
  • You can set all available font-variants;
  • You can set all available align-directions;
  • You can set minimum length and maximum length for all form fields;
  • You can change username and password in admin area;
  • Only admin can remove sticky notes;
  • Only admin and sticky note’s author can drag it and save its position;
  • Everyone can drag sticky notes;
  • Easy to custom and to integrate in your pages;
  • You can set every type of container for draggable sticky notes;


Home page + popup
Home page without popup
Administration panel:
  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo

Possible uses

This script can be implemented as a..

  • Guestbook, very cute and funny to surprise users;
  • Memo script for users;
  • Advanced newsreader;


This script is supported by all major browsers and I’ve verified that is also supported by Internet Explorer 7!
It is also compatible with mobile! For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me  :)