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Hi, do you have a version that can work with wordpress and evventually w3 cache?

Hello and thank you for getting in touch,
There is no wordpress or w3 cache versions of this product available.

No problem if the number of records is small. It does not work in large files. 16 thousand lines can not record.

Can’t run test in your demo page.

It is NOT working

Followed the steps below and still NOTHING is working. Any skype or ticketing system where i can send you link/install details (Cannot share here)

============================== Step 1: Package Directory

Copy the entire /php-javascript-obfuscator directory on your web server. The directory is included in the downloaded archive. You should have the following directories:

/php-javascript-obfuscator/bin /php-javascript-obfuscator/cache /php-javascript-obfuscator/config /php-javascript-obfuscator/repository Step 2: Cache Directory Setup

Make sure that the /php-javascript-obfuscator/cache directory is writable.

At this point, the installation is complete.

Friend it encodes php either or just java ??

  • SCRIPT DOESN’T WORK AND POOR customer service. Didnot hear back from this script owner as to why script is not working

demo not working