Discussion on PHP Invoice X2 - PHP Class For Beautiful PDF Invoices Using HTML Templates

Discussion on PHP Invoice X2 - PHP Class For Beautiful PDF Invoices Using HTML Templates

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Do you offer any custom PDF form if we needed a PDF generator incorporated to our site

I need some customisation for this. I want to use this for equipment hire so I need an additional field for duration. cost x number of items x number of months. Can you provide a quote for this customisation.


hatten Purchased

Hi I purchase your script a few months back and just started using it. I have an issue with decimals. It doesn’t add the to the subtotal or total.

Is this support for PHP 7.4 ?

Hi @mattew86, Yes it does supports PHP 7.4 as well.

Hi. I have a small Issue. I wanted to try how the PHP invoice work so I included the sample(example3.php) in my contact form so that my customer will get a email with the Pdf attached, everything works fine exept that there is some issues with the form submit, I have narrowed it down to the render string : $invoice->render(‘Invoice/example3.pdf’,’F’); When I remove this line the submission work fine but no invoice gets genereted, but when I include it It generates a Invoice and send a email with the attachement to my customer but the submit button seems to be in conflict with the .js submission file. Any Ideas what I can do?

Hi bigal99, Thank you for purchasing PHP Invoice X2. You can find the example for attaching the PDF with email here.


Where are the demo files so I can learn how to use this software?

Downloaded everything and cannot see holw to implement this into the project Im developing.

Please assist asap


Hi PaulK1966, Hope you are well. Thank you for purchasing PHP Invoice x2. You can see the demo files inside the “examples” folder. If you need any further assistance please feel free to email me at “”. Thank you.

Also please remove the license key from above message (just for security concerns)

I tried to get the script useable. It doesn’t work with PHP 7.3 or 8. Please update the script or refund. Thanks.


mkry Purchased

Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in D:\xampp\htdocs\invoice-x2\lib\src\Mpdf.php on line 2187

Please give me the money back!


mkry Purchased

I’d like a refund on this software.

Hi There,

I am unable to run your script. I am running the script on PHP 5.5 FPM

Here is the error : Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable(T_VARIABLE) in /var/www/test/lib/src/functions.php on line 232

I am trying to run your index.php only in examples folder. Please help asap.

Hi, the script is awesome, however the package is pretty big. What are the minimum core files to produce a decent blue invoice?

The script throws errors (uncaught MpdfException) and I cannot get it to work. I then tried the instructions at, but there is no “compress” file in this download package.

The script is not usable on PHP 7.2. Please update the script or refund. Thanks.

Hello! In you item page writed “Software Version PHP 7.x, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6”

My server have version 5.6, I bued it. Trued run examples and get error as in commented asked by user diworx (and more others errors):

“Hello im getting the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or T_VARIABLE in /home/client/www/thenewinvoice/lib/src/functions.php on line 232

Can you let me know what the problem is?”

I found and see why error, and found this: ” PHP versions and extensions mPDF >=7.0 is supported on PHP ^5.6 || ~7.0.0 || ~7.1.0 || ~7.2.0”

mPDF library is need more than 5.6. I tryed run examples on localhost with 5.6 php version. Then al ok worked.

But you writed in description that minimal is 5.4, I buyed and cant use this :(

Anay way how to fix it (Exclude variant to update php to 5.6)?

Hi, Are you using PHP 5.6 currently? This script works well on PHP 5.6 and if you want to use ANY PHP version below 5.6, You can just downgrade the mPDF library files inside the “lib” folder.

For older PHP versions,

You can send me further queries at


Author take changes, and currently work on 5.5 Version. Thanks.


I have bought this product by accident. Can you please refund it. I have never used it. I live in Germany which is EU and according to Envato rules I have 14 days to return the product. I already wrote to you but you never replied. Please do it so we do not have to loose more time on legal things.

Thank you in advance.



Can you tell me why the header not repeated on multiple pages? You said earlier, that the header and footer repeat is automatic. Is there an option or parameter for that?

The footer is repeating that’s fine.


Hi walkmanviktor, hope you are well. You can add repeatable header as well. Please check below link for example usage. Thanks


Hi. The script is giving me errors. This is one of them.

PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in /home/ucys3kbv/public_html/invoicing/lib/src/Mpdf.php on line 27789

It’s not working so far. Also, can you please tell me which files are necessary? It’s way too big at over 100MB

Hi how are you? Please share your php version on so I can assist you.

You can use this MPDF tutorial for reducing its size to max.

Which additional files do I need to upload besides phpinvoice.php? Seems very large to upload everything inside zip folder.

Please review this document for reducing size according to your requirements.

There is no PHP file. I was looking to purchase a PHP template that I can customize. This is not it. Pleas provide refund

Hi! I wonder if it is possible to integrate this with my WordPress website, so guests and registered users are able to create invoices?

Hello, Can we auto download pdf which html contains dynamic data loaded from mysql or mathematical calculations.

Hi, Yes it is possible. This script fully supports dynamic data rendering.

How easy will this integrate to a laravel application / mysql database ?

Hi, You can use this library with Lravel too with ease. Thanks.


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