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No demo how it works??? need urgnet support

You forgot to define the title: public $title; I put this in line 29. After that it work fine :)

Thanks (y)

Support czech characters http://czech.typeit.org/ ?

This script is built using FPDF library so you can add any font in it which supports your required language character sets with ease but currently i haven’t added any font in it which supports czech characters.

You can use below link to understand how to add font in this script. http://www.fpdf.cz/vyukove-ukazky/pridani-novych-fontu-podpora-kodovani/

Hi. Looks like an interesting script and would certainly save me a bunch of time if it works as stated. I have read your docs and can’t see any info on how to not use columns like “VAT”. Do I just leave this blank? Is there an option to add my own columns? Thanks in anticipation.

In other words I don’t want a “VAT” column but I may want a couple called “SKU” and “Warranty”. How do I do this?

Hi, Yes you can exclude VAT column from invoices or can simply rename it to “SKU” or anything. For adding more columns in it, minor code knowledge is required. Thanks!

how can i align to right the amounts in amt column ( now it is in center align)

The demo link doesn’t work. Can you please post updated link?

Nice. Can i integrate with mysql data to retrieve or store invoice data?

Thank you.

Yes you can add invoice data dynamically as well using MySql.

Can you add the product image?

I need to send quotes for my products to my clients. This plugin serves me? Or can you recommend one that suits for what I require? And as I look for it since I can not find.

Hi mueblesmedicos, Yes you can add product images and can send PDF quotes as well. But it will require some coding from your end since its a PHP library,

Any installation fee? I would like to know how to install in wordpress? If you were so kind to support me, I would appreciate it.

Can you please explain little bit more of your requirements so I can help you out as much as possibly i can? and Yes this class is supported in wordpress as well by initializing it in plugins’s CLASS.

I can not install in wordpress. A tutorial please

I want to know how I can cyrilic this code? I want to use symbol like this: а б в г д е ж . Do you know how I can do this?

Hi, Hope you are well. You can simply add any font which supports cyrilic (cp1251) in the FPDF for this. Please check this fpdf tutorial,


How does it work… demo is just showing a invoice….

how about a live demo? I don’t want to risk even $10 without proof it works as I want.

Hi Dstation, Please check the below links provided. Thanks

Working PDF Demo: http://splashpk.com/php-invoice/examples/index.php Documentation: http://splashpk.com/php-invoice/

I tried the script with the new PHP 7.1 but got a lot of errors. Please could you fix this ?

Hi naranili, Can you please share what errors you are getting on PHP 7.1? You can share errors on farjad_tahir@splashpk.com.


Hello Can support thai language ? Can Install my web app and customize field ?


Hi. Hope you are well. Yes it does but it requires you to add a thai based font in this library for using thai language.

With PHP 7 i got this error.

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; FPDF has a deprecated constructor in ….\php-invoice\inc\fpdf\fpdf.php on line 12

PDF Generation doesn’t work.

Any support ?

Hi naranili! I am launching latest version till tomorrow with many bug fixes and new features, including PHP 7 support.

For time being,

please replace \php-invoice\inc\fpdf\fpdf.php on line 12

function FPDF


function __construct($orientation=’P’, $unit=’mm’, $size=’A4’)

Hello, Great Script!, Is it possible add some sub Totals, (I mean for example by categories) between items (no at the end of the items list)? Thanks

I have already downloaded this script. I use woo-commerce in my website. How can I get started to install this so I can customize my invoice? Many thanks

hi, how can i convert html to pdf using this class? thank you

Hi, No it doesn’t support HTML to PDF conversion. This class has it’s own built-in designs.