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Pretty nice script Just a tip I received an inappropriate ad on your live demo page , you may want to remove ads from it to avoid it being flagged / removed by envato..


Sorry I will move to another server a trusted

Now everything Works excellently

Hi, I am very interesting your work. very good. may I have some question here? I am create web site everyday using same template.

for example I got ….. ….. I will copy your product in to root directory. than can your product do the following step?
1 click and do the following….

1)auto create database (not table) with my default user name and password

2)auto create tables with my default info

3)copy demo data into table

4) replace new index.php file (e.g. rename your index.php to del-index.php and rename myindex.php to index.php)

What I am try to do here is :-

after the new domain ready, I will copy all your files and my template file in to root directory. Than will run your index.php (installation)..... to create all database and table I need. after that, remove the installation (index.php) and my template site will come up.

I did not understand what you mean


You can install the PHP Installation Manager on any project you have

Hi, the demo isnt working. If you need hosting, let me know.

the demo working …. :)

Can this script delete it’s own installation folder after wizard process finished.?

I have not done add this property For I the user can delete the installation folder This is much better

My requirement is as follows: I am installing the wordpress in sub domain and manually creating the sub domain. If I buy your Installation script can I get the followings: 1. I will keep your script in the root directory. I will run that from the browser. 2. I will enter the username and then automatically a sub domain should create. 3. After sub domain creation a wordpress needs to install. 4. Theme files needs to upload to the specific directory. That’s all. Will help me in this?

Thank You.

If I want to use this in a product for distribution via Envato marketplace, does that mean I have to get extended version?

This is an installer script for other scripts. And PHP scripts would need to have a database connection setting file created, ie, dbconn.php, where it stores the username, password, and other settings for the other script that you are installing.

Your installer script is great, but it is missing this part. I cannot find there part where your script would help my customers create a dbconn.php (or any other name) when they want to install my script.

open file application/config-install.php
// IN_DBHOST [ localhost name ]
define('IN_DBHOST', 'localhost');
// IN_DBNAME [ database name ]
define('IN_DBNAME', 'php_install');
// IN_DBUSER [ user database name ]
define('IN_DBUSER', 'root');
// IN_DBPASS [ database password ]
define('IN_DBPASS', '123456');
// IN_DBPASS [ database table prefix ]
define('IN_DBPREF', '');

You can use the following code before this

Then use Mtgierat that you want in constants ex:
// IN_DBHOST [ localhost name ]
define('IN_DBHOST', $host);
// IN_DBNAME [ database name ]
// IN_DBUSER [ user database name ]
define('IN_DBUSER', $dbuser);
// IN_DBPASS [ database password ]
// IN_DBPASS [ database table prefix ]
define('IN_DBPREF', $dbprefix);

no problem

You don’t understand. If I am using your installer and packaging it together with my product, I can’t expect my customers to open up the PHP file and editing it.

Furthermore, depending on the framework that I use, I may need the db connection settings to be in a certain file name, in a certain place and uses certain constants or variables. For example, I built my product using the Codeigniter framework, the DB settings needs to be n application/config/database.php

There MUST be an interface where the customers can enter the database connection information using text field, and clicking on Submit button. Then you script will verify the connection, and then creates the DB connection settings file based on a template.

Take Wordpress for example—the installer doesn’t ask you to open up and change wp-config.php. The WP installer creates wp-config.php for you after asking the details from you using a form.

I have one script, I want mulitable users to use this one script, can your script installer copy this script and place it in another directory and setup the database for the new user without them entering any db details and therefore then allowing them to login?

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales

Thank you

the demo not working. would like to see the demo before buying the script for our project deployment