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Looks like an interesting plugin, I am interested into integrating it into a existing website which uses the full image url.

Is it possible using this plugin to resize images, the site is using a template system SMARTY .

Okay so I had a closer look at the code and ran a few tests to verify that it’s not going to work with remote images. The problem being that php needs to know where on the disk to save the image to, and there’s no way for it to determine that based on a url (even if it points to your server).

It’s not the most elegant solution, but if you know the path to the images, you could use str_replace to modify the url that SMARTY generates. Perhaps something like this:

$img = str_replace('', 'path/to/image/', '');

which would result in ‘path/to/image/image.png’. Then you could could use the $img variable to resize the image like this:


Anyway, hopefully that helps? Let me know if you have any other questions.


That would work indeed because the folder always remains the same.


Glad I could help!

do you plan to display the images in a gallery with a formatted list file in entry ( like a xml with path of each images ? )

I hadn’t planned too, but I may think about it for the next update…

Hi, Does your class work without codeigniter?


Yes, CodeIgniter is not required, it just comes with an additional version that makes CodeIgniter integration easier.

How about crop with zoom? Will this be in future?

I don’t have any plans to add that at the moment, but when I have some time I’ll see how hard it would be to add.

Is there possible to call your script in a custom page, namely in wordpress, then showing the image in that page so that, for example, I can show related content to that image?

Thx in advance…

I’m sorry I don’t quite understand your question. Can you please email me more info and I will be glad to help you out. Thanks!

Having trouble getting the image to resize. It appears to be working, in that there are no errors thrown, but there is also no resized image created. I’ve set the destination directory to 777, but no go. Can you take a look?

If you want to shoot me an email with the code you’re using and or a live demo, I’d be more than happy to take a look.

I was able to get it working, sorry. I had to use the file path, not URL .

Sorry no, that’s not currently a function of this script.

2 quick questions: 1 Can I scale to a specific height rather than width? 2. When scaling, can I specify the same path as the original image to overwrite with the scaled image?

I’m building something that will allow people to upload their logos. I need to scale them down to fit within a set size area while maintaining the aspect ratio. All I need are the scaled images, no need for the originals to take up space. Thanks.

Figured it out. Modified the width scaling to create a height scaling function. Then just test the file to see witch is bigger, height or width, to choose the right function. Awesome.

Thanks for the simple clean, easy to read code. Made it easy to modify and saved me days of trying to work through it all.

Awesome. Glad it worked well for you! Let me know if you run into any other questions. Cheers!

Hi Author, this is great template. I have few question before I can buy:

1) My project in in Codeigniter, how far it is compatible ?

2) Is it possible to reduce the resolution of the image ? For example, converting a 10 MB image size to 2 MB image size without changing its dimensions.

Thanks in advance! :)

is it possible to crop the images in the VISUAL LIST instead of just giving a stlye of a width ?

How can i change the black background to white when an image is cropped?

The preview demo is broken and not loading.