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Before I buy, is there a check in and check out system?

Do you mean payment module? Yes, it exists.

is this system fully function as the demo shown ( which included the customer control panel and Administrator Control Panel?

Any info on Pro version please

hi how to edit meal for restaurant in the demo ?

i don’t see where i can change meal

This feature doesn’t exists in light version.

I’ve successfully installed, but the following pages appeared 500 Internal Error, and I’ve set the permission to images/ folder, template/ folder & include/ folder which you’ve indicated on the installation page. - My Account - Admins - Edit menus - Add New Page - Edit Page - Edit System Pages

On the other hand, I cannot find the “httpd.conf” file to uncomment for windows server.

Could you please advise the above problem, thanks in advance.

Try to remove php.ini file, does it help?

there is no php.ini file

Check your server error log file. Do you see any error description.

Best ….......

All template files are placed in templates/{template name} folder

can edit pic logo ? of buy new full version

Sure, you may edit it via template file: templates/{template name}/header.php

Can’t edit Homepage it show “Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required”

Where exactly it shows this text?

Does this support 2checkout? Am I able to modify the source code? Thanks!

Ok, so yes, it supports 2CO, you may see it in booking settings.

Actually, I could find only Paypal and “Online Order” in the demo.

It exists in Pro version, you may check it on out site.

Does your script has connection with, and

No, it’s a separate web-solution, but it’s 100% open-source, so you may customize it to suit your needs.

good script and no responsive template…

Please can u do the installation for me after buying the script?

Yes, we can. Contact to us after you purchase the script.

Hi there, I’m interested to buy this script, please advise whether you still offer free installation at my web hosting thanks

This script includes online setup wizard. It’s very easy to use. If you want we’ll help you and install it on your hosting it will cost additional fee.

you can add SMS gateway API

i from india

so its useful for me

Yes if you have access to API of any 3rd party SMS service we can do it fo radditional fee.

this is php/mysql? is any php framework implemented in?

You provide one front end layout? You have responsive layout? Is it easy [MVC] to apply responsive layout, like Bootstrap???

well? Or layout front end is hard to modify?

sql file with db mysql structure and sample data to build – is it provided???

Yes, we provide sample database, exactly like you may see on live demo.


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How to access admin in localhost server? if try to login…......Access forbidden!

You don’t have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.

Please contact our support: and explain our problem. Also, turn on debug mode to see what happens in include/


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Hi , I Installed with db credential


• Invalid default value for ‘date_created’ • SQL execution error! Please check carefully a syntax of SQL dump file.

all occurrences of date_created not only one


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can you give me new installation_new.sql ?


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Now I am Ok thz .

What is the difference between Pro and Lite versions?

More features, last updates etc.


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you are update version have error also like that • Invalid default value for ‘last_login’ • SQL execution error! Please check carefully a syntax of SQL dump file.


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I wanna hide Ban List in Menu. How can i do it ?

Manually in include/classes/Login.class.php


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thz bro :D