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Hi I got your code on 31 Oct 2015 and my purchase code is c404e014-0449-4d2a-a9d1-1fb128e9009a I uploaded the code to my site : but the site is not working, can you help my? Do I need SQL data base? Do I need to get an API code from somewhere? Thank you for your help

Hi dasgv, I see that a widget if fully working. Tell me the problems that you found. This widget i don’t need any SQL DB, and you can generate api code on But first you have to register. Have a nice day, Best Regards, Bogdan H.

Hi, in you index.php file you can see <!- INSERT HERE 120×240 Google Adsense banner -> But it’s not working… I can see the ads… Also any way to put the adsens code responsive somewhere?

Hello, in order to see the banners you have to do: 1) Open the file css/styles.min.css 2) Find this classes .banner_mobile_l, .banner_mobile_r 3) Apply the style display: block 4) For a banner in the footer you have to do the same procedure to the class .banner_bottom 5) Do not forget to check if everything is configured correctly and the campaign of Google banners is active.

Hi, thank you. One more thing why the moon phases are not translate? (they are only in English)

Yes, this were the problem also of css, but I have to translate the moon phrases in next update and this will be released soon, sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello, I have receive a message to add a new wallpaper for this city: Ko Samui Surat Thani Thailand What syntax do use to show the wallpaper of Ko Samui Surat Thani Thailand ?? ko-samui_st_th.jpg ?? other? One more thing in the next update can you add in the message, we receive about to add a wallpaper, the good syntax to make it work? regards

Hi, sure, this is good suggestion about the good syntax of city images. So, a correct syntax for US cities is (example):


  • string completely in lower case
  • if exists spaces in the city name, substitute with ’-’ (hyphen)
  • after city name => underscore => state (2 letters format) => underscore => us

For all other non-US cities the correct syntax is (example):


  • string completely in lower case
  • if exists spaces in the city name, substitute with ’-’ (hyphen)
  • after city name => underscore => country (2 letters format)

So, for your city you have to rename an image like this: ko-samui_th

P.S. To find out the correct name of your city write his name in the widget city search and the result would be the correct name of your city. (After that use the correct syntax above).

If there are any questions, please contact me=)

I got this

Warning: Missing argument 3 for timestamp_f(), called in /home1/coolmoon/public_html/ on line 60 and defined in /home1/coolmoon/public_html/ on line 349

On my site :

What can I do to fix this?

I suppose you to install recent version of widget, that have just fixed this issue.

Anyway to fix this bug you should: 1) Open this file ‘handlers/current.php’

2) Find this line $ts = timestamp_f($obj[‘dt’],3); and substitute with this line $ts = timestamp_f($obj[‘dt’],3,$lang)

3) Find this line if(date(‘d/m/Y’)==timestamp_f($obj[‘dt’],2)) { and substitute with this line if(date(‘d/m/Y’)==timestamp_f($obj[‘dt’],2,$lang)) {

Can you do it ResPONSIVe ? And about the photos… who have to upload them?

Hello, I have received many inquiries about the responsive design, so the work on this is in progress. About the image of the cities I added myself as a lot of pictures and this folder will be a very big.

But it is possible to change the link to the folder with city images in the code to your custom folder and upload photos there. But to see pictures of other cities, you have to have them in this folder.

So because I plan to make the additional possibility of download folder with city images. that will be frequently refreshed with new images to the customer that he himself could then add pictures of cities that interest him.

So, for correct syntax of name for images you can refernce to the answer to comment of user Shubnigg above.


On vista chrome or explorer it’s find, but on windows 7/8/10 and other platforms we can see only the backgroung and an error : Array [results] => () [status] => ZERO_RESULTS ) An error has occured:

Thank you, Jérôme

PS: Here my link – Don’t try on vista – because it work find try anything else.

Doesn’t work on Windows 7 with explorer. Tablet any browser and Mobile. The Widget work only, on Vista with explorer, chrome and safari. Here try my link on different browser and must operating system:

Hello, Did you have tested the version demo on thats OS and browsers that you have problem? Anyway, I have to analyze this problem, you will be updated in these days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you deivon,

Hello, demo not working for me only gray blue screen. I would to like to see demo before buying. After buying i will need some code change. What is you price for code change. I read that 3h weather forecast is on the mouse over. I will need see 3h forecast the main screen. Is it possible. Thank you for your response Anthony

Hi Credos, tell me please what language of Windows you have?

Hello English

can you provide me some link where you have uploaded a widget?

Hi, is there any way to create an URL for every location?.

Hi studiovip, for the moment – no, but i think to implement this functionality in the next updates, stay tuned.

Great!, hope you can create a responsive script too.

Responsive design was the idea, so it’s possible in near future=)

Hello. Im interested in your work, i have 2 questions, if is possibly to open directly in full screen 1920×1080? (or almost a full screen) also with the 7 day forecast open.

I agree with you, well. Wait for the new update, and thank you for appreciate this=)

Nevertheless i buy it, to give a try. Is there anyway to load the page with the 7 day forecast open?

At the moment, no, but I can also add this option in the next update. Thanks for your purchase.

Stay tuned.


The script works fine but I have two problems. The first local time does not match with my city and the second problem the cities wallpapers are not displayed ex. Dakar, Senegal… (I tried on several browsers and it’s always the same problem).

my site :

Thank you for your help.


Hello Daniel, I’m glad to hear you=) So regarding the wallpapers see on your email box, you have to find the link on Google Drive.

To fix the time on server to your local time (you’re from France, right?) you have to:

- in the function timestamp_f() that is located in includes/inc_def_functions.php add this line like a first ’$ts = strtotime(“+6 hours”, $ts);’

If you have any questions or any problems, please contact me. I’m glad to help. Have a nice day.

Best Regards, Bogdan H.


Everything works fine. Thank you again for the quick help.


Thank you Daniel, I was glad to help you.

Hello, I just bought this script and put it in a sub folder and opened it in my browser and I get this in the center screen. Array ( [results] => Array ( ) [status] => ZERO_RESULTS ) An error has occured: 1 Is their somethin that I am missing here? I really dident see anything in the docs about installation or modifying any files. Please help

I have just signed up @ Dark Sky for the API code. So my 2 questions are, Am I suppose to pay for this now in order for the script to work? and 2, I have the secret code and what file do i put the code in to make this thing work? I get the background but that is all.

Never mind I got it running. But how do I get rid of this pop up in the top left cornor, Geocoder failed (3): Position acquisition timed out. Other than that it runs perfect.

Hi Viperay. I’m sorry the later answer and I’m glad that you were able to customize the widget. If you don’t want to see the notifications in the upper left corner you have to add at this files (/css/styles.css) (/css/styles.min.css) the following style: .error_handle {display: none;}

I also want to tell you an important change to the Weather API, the old link to the API no longer works as the site address has changed. To change the link you need to open these files /handlers/current.php, /handlers/forecast.php.php and /handlers/forecast_3h.php and replace this piece of code “” on this “”

Sorry for the inconvenience, and good evening to you.

Your weather plugin looks like it is almost what I need but three questions. 1.Shortcode? 2.Enter geo-coordinates instead of user IP detection. This is a must for my use. 3. Use single purchase license on subdomains or is a separate license required for each subdomain?

Thanks for your help, Raymond

Hello. Sorry for delay of response. I will answer at your questions. 1. What you intend with shortcode? 2. Like freelance work I can do this modification for you. 3. Yes, you need single purchase license for all subdomains. Best Regards, deivon

Hello! I bought this script, Happy Weather Widget. But I can not make it work. I have already installed several times and on several hosting servers, but it does not work perfectly. I installed it according to the instructions that are on the site. But the script still does not work perfectly. The same mistakes are always going on:

Geocoder failed (3): Position acquisition timed out. Geocoder failed (1): Only secure origins are allowed (see:

My purchase code is: 48523fb9-9ddd-4e90-b4e7-ec260422ff8e

I need to know what needs to be done to make the script work perfectly. I await an answer as soon as possible! Regards, José Luis.

Hello. Can you provide me the link on your site where you have widget, so I can verify your problem and help you. You can message me here in message system of CodeCanyon for receive answer more quickly! Best Regards

Hello! The link on the site where I installed wedget is: Http:// Regards, José Luis.

I think you have disabled api key for Google Maps API, so I have to verify you code. Can you provide me your mail to contact you?

i am geting this masage

Array ( [results] => Array ( ) [status] => ZERO_RESULTS ) An error has occured: 1

mi api code is :

what can i do ??

Hello, can you provide me your email address or skype to contact you?

Thanks, I’ll contact you soon, after problem resolved.

I bought this cause i though its a Wordpress widget cause its listing in Wordpress Category in codecanyon, please refund i dont have time and kowledge to add it to my WP Site.

Hello, you have to open a refund proccess from your account area.