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Hi. Is this script still supported?

I’m gonna say No.

I bought it expecting support – do I get a refund?

Hello thank you for buying and sorry for the quite tardy response
The script is still supported as the following: http://wiseloop.com/support-policy
We’ve received your email and we will answer today.
Thank you so much!

Hi! How I can use custom fonts? Thank you!

Hello and thank you for buying,
Due to the huge world font ecosystem meaning that one cannot be quite sure of the available fonts on the platform running our script, custom funct are not supported yet; we are still thinking of a solution but we cannot predict anything regarding this.

Can you make logotype builder like this https://goo.gl/ArQrKm? It will be very popularity script and I will purchase license for it.

Hello and thank you for getting in touch,
Although this is a very nice idea, for the time beeing we do not have the amount of time to develop such a big project.

Hi, I see that you have a “sketch” effect but I don’t see any of it in the samples. I’d really like to see the “sketch” effect first before buying this.


Hello is this script still working?

Hello, yes it is still working. Please check the demo. Cheers!