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How about extending this Geo Mapping script to other parts of the world like UK, Germany, France etc..

Very good work.

Great idea! I’ll add to my list. Thanks.

Check out my new Europe Edition of PHP Geomap Widgets

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

FYI, Google is blocking your demo site as malware.

This is fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for letting me know.

live preview not working

I will. Thanks for letting me know.

Hello questions, can I customize the map for my country or state through my shepfile? And another can I use the data I have in my database online?

Yes. Requires php coding skills.

Before buying I need to make sure I will connect to the mysql database to display the data dynamically…

Yes. the bottom right panel generates a PHP script. You can add your mysql call there. again it does require php coding skills. Ninja