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Good luck with sales mate, and welcome to CodeCanyon.

Is it possible to use different fonts in one ‘product’?

Yes! It definitely is. You’ll understand it more once you purchase, but in the configuration settings of `product.php` is an array ($lines) that has all of your settings for each text you want to draw onto the image. You’ll have to make sure that you can download that font in truetype font format in order for it to work with the script though. If you’re sure that you can’t get it in truetype format, tell me and I can easily update the script to suit your needs.

Thanks for considering.

Thank you for the fast reply, the documentation that comes with the script is very clear and answers all my further questions! Thanks

I’m glad. Thanks and good luck.


I have an error message:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in ../customImage/product.php on line 1

Do you have an idea (php 5.3) ?



I’m very sorry for the late response and the issues present. Is it possible for you to email me with the content of `product.php` so that I could take a look and identify the exact syntax error? Again, sorry for the late response but send me a quick email and we can work this out.

Thank you for your answer.

In fact, I found the origin. I modified the encoding of the file and that functions correctly. :)

Thanks again!


Alright, good luck.

Hello, Please modify the source with the right encoding. macintosh encoding cause trouble while transfering. ty

I’m not sure what you mean. Please email me and I’ll get back to you. Thanks!

Hey I’m very interested in purchasing your item because it looks like a great product! What are the saving options for when a custom is done creating their product? What file format and do you have an example inside of the product that allows you to save the image to the server in an mysql or save it to the server?

Thank you very much for your time.

Unfortunately, there is no custom saving option. However, it should be extremely easy to save the URL of the image that’s created in the database so users can share with friends and family.

Also can you save the custom designs item in High Quality? TYVM

The quality should be as good as the original image used. I’m not 100% sure about this, however, but you can look further in depth at GD’s quality options. I’m pretty positive that it maintains quality though. Good luck! Email me if you purchase it and quality isn’t conserved and I’ll take a look.

Hi, can I specify how many characters are allowed for each input box?

Yes, you can, though this function isn’t built in. The best way to do something like that would be to use the HTML attribute `maxlength` and use PHP’s `substr` on the server-side. In fact, if this sounds too advanced, I’ll build this in and update the files. Would you like me to go ahead and do that for you?

That would be great if you can add it in (beyond what I can do). But I’m not 100% sure I will be purchasing the code yet, so if you want to wait a bit, I will message you again when I’m ready to buy. Thanks!

Okay, that’s fine. Just send me a reply here when you know if the update will be necessary.

Hi there,

Is it possible to use this plugin in combination with Jiggoshop?

I want the customers to have the option to ad a custom text to there product?


I’m sure it would work but the functionality isn’t built in.

If you’re not advanced enough on this topic to build in the customizer, what I suggest is to create a separate page where the user customizes the text to make sure it looks like the way they want it, and then they can just use it as a visual reference instead of actually doing it within the shopping cart.

In other words, separate the shopping cart from the customizer so that the customizer isn’t actually built in, but instead, just a nice feature for the user to see.

hi could you make it to be able to use 4 different products to customize as a preview of what they want, and be able to upload files from there computer like images that would be engraved on glassware ?

Unfortunately the script only supports text. Sorry.

Hi, I am having trouble implementing the option to choose a different color for the font. Could you please show an example of that? Also is it possible to have the option of the customer selecting the font like they can select the color? Thanks

In order to change the color, make sure you have some more colors in the `$colors` array. For each value in the array, there should be another array with 3 values: the first for red (0-255), the second for green (0-255), and the third for blue (0-255). If you want the color you’ve just made to be the default color for all text, change the key to “default.”

In order to custom assign different lines the new colors you’ve just made (i.e., the user does it), make a select field for each custom-colored field. Give the selects a unique ID, and give them all options corresponding to the colors you want them to be able to chose, making sure that each value attribute on the option tag corresponds to a key in the color array. Then, scroll down in your page to the Javascript implementation and, just as you’ve specified an input for each line, copy that same object and specify a select ID for each line that corresponds to the color.

I know, this part gets a bit confusing. I’m working on an example to show you; please email me so I can send it to you.

I purchased this and sorry to sound dumb, but I don’t understand the html part- is it just an image tag with source to product.php?? Don’t get it Thanks

Yes, that’s exactly what it’ll be. Sorry for the late response.

is there anyone monitoring this??

Yes, I’m sorry. I was going to get back to you today.

I have the colors working, but is it possible to give an example code for changable fonts with a selection field?

Of course! Sorry for the late response – are you still looking for an example or have you figured it out?

Hi, could you incorporate the script in a wordpress/woocommerce product? Do you think it would be fairly easy to be done by an average php programmer?

I’m sorry, I can’t make a wordpress plugin. This script is almost obsolete anyways, with HTML5 Canvas now here.

Is there any chance to center the text?

Accepts source and Layer image?

can we use custom font? and font effect like enveloppe?