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Hi, is there a way to add ‘Date of Birth’ please?

You may add your own datetime fields

so does this have an email configuration to send the data upon submission?

Can you give a demo on how the receiver sees the form? I need to create a form to get info from my client, the one I currently is very poorly formatted.

Hello, I am in travel industry. i would like a form that captures a page link a sends it. For instance i have a website with 100s of hotels & tours and i would like to have forms were when some click the “book Now” button they are automatically taken to the booking form with the hotel/tour already selected. Please let me know if i will be able to achieve that with your forms script

Currently you may only use a small trick. Let’s say you have a field with name “tour_name, so you have to pass tour name as a URL parameter and then retrieve it from the URL and assign in following manner: $_REQUEST[‘tour_name’] = ’.....’;

could this be used to generate an elaborate search form with drop down selections

does the css styling offer borders, colours, fonts, etc

Yes, you may use it to create any webforms you want, the processing of submission is in your hands. You may also change the styling.

Hi, I received an error. What do you think?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in /home/fey/public_html/ikb/lib/config.php on line 40

Turn on using of “mb_” functions in your PHP installation:

Mb_functions enable myserver…

Check with: if(function_exists(‘mb_internal_encoding’)) echo ‘yes’;

Nice builder… Support Turkish Chracter? (UTF-8 or Windows-1254)


Yes, it supports UTF-8