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[Feature Request] In the next version, it would be great if you added a “Calculation” (or similar verbiage) Field Type. The field type would enable calculations between 2 or more fields to display a read only result field.

An example would be if I had a field for “Price” and another field for “Quantity”. The “Calculation” field would enable me to multiply the Price and Quantity fields to display a “Sub Total” field within the form.

Please can you use the “Reply” button for the new messages (instead of new comment) ? Thank you for the suggestion, I will think about it !


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Would it be possible to have stripe payments active but allow users to skip the payment process and just book the service through the form? As i would like to offer payment in person also and would like customers to be able to use the form without having to input a cc number if they want to pay me via debit or cash.

Please can you contact me from the support page sending me an access to the backend of the plugin ? I will debug it .


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Did some testing turns out that “Use payment only if selected” only works when paypal payments are activated and not when stripe is activated….

Ah yes, you’re right, this option worked with paypal only on the standalone version since here. I just added it for Stripe. Feel free to contact me from the support page, I will send you the last update immediately .

it’s possible to connect with my database for forms ?

This plugin store all data of the created forms in the mySQL database, so you can easily modify/import/export data from it using PHP if needed .

have you got a documentation please ?

Yes, there is a documentation in the main zip file of the plugin that explain how to use it . There are also links to video tutorials on the main plugin page. All the documentation concerns the use of the plugin, not the code itself.

hi, i m interested in your product, is there a change to use this app as “SAAS – Software as a service” in near future have you planned something like this ?

give me an estimated time when possible those options will be added ? you can add your convenience, i am not in rush

They are not planned for now, so I haven’t any date to indicate, sorry .

It’s ok with good faith i am going to buy this script, i hope you will at least add 2checkout payment gateway soon


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I need stripe to capture customer details i see in the event data “customer”: null, where can i change this

All the filled informations are added to the order if you enable the option “Show in summary” onside. You can also choose to send the contact information to Mailchimp & GetResponse.

Hi, there are two problems found in this app,
1- i am not able to click on step images icons on windows 10 edge browser
2- estimator mobile view is not good please add responsiveness asap

The generated form is fully responsive, there is probably a css conflict somewhere. Please contact me from the support page sending me the url of the form, I will check it .

A consultation prior to the purchase, I want to understand is generated a correct form this form can be inserted in any html page? which generates a code to insert or only works from where it is installed …

The form can be inserted in any html file, but the server itself requires PHP and a mySQL database to run the plugin.
You simply need to add the main js file in the <head> part of your page then paste the form shortcode where you want to display it. The js script will replace the shortcode by the form .

i am confused with <script src="EP_FormsBuilder/EP_FormsBuilder.js"></script> where is EP_FormsBuilder.js in this project so i can copy it and place & include it in my website

also tell to whom author icon kit you have used in project

The file EP_FormsBuilder.js is in the folder EP_FormsBuilder/ (this folder must be fully uploaded on your server, as you can read in the documentation).
The used icons come from https://www.iconsdb.com/ .

i need for a subscription (monthly delivered razor blades).... will this script help me for a recurring payments with paypal

thanks buddy is ok but, in sandbox?

The sandbox account must be configured as business account too .

ah ok ill try then, thanks

Pre-sales question: Can this standalone script handle file uploads like .zip files?

Yes, you can freely define the allowed file formats for each file field.

That’s great! Thank you :)

hello i just send you an email.

Well received, I replied.

hi, i just sent an email again, thanks

found a serious problem while creating my first form, let me try to navigate you, 1- when editing a step -> under Items List -> when i press copy button from action column, new row added randomly sometime top of row sometime bottom this is “id” order problem, i have perfect solution in my mind if you consider, allow us to arrange ” Items List rows ” as per our wish this is fix this problem also allow us to change position of list items as per our desire position, add asap Thanks

I just did the mentioned test on the first form. Please simply reply to the questions of my email, I will help you.


fixed :)


sometimes email is sent others don’t,,, how can i do do setup my smtp?


I didn’t receive your email. You can contact me directly from the support page .

well i could not attach the file from the codecanyon form.

BTW, PHPMailer, sends to the custumer but not fine on admin, the workarount was to create a funnel in i.e gmail, and works.

is there a way to send a mail to 2 o more email address (admin side)?

If you contact me from the support page, I will reply by email then you can send me files. To define several admin emails, simply fill them in the “Admin email” option, separated by commas.

Hi, I purchased PHP Cost Estimation. In addition, I purchased the same wordpress version in the past. I want to install the Wordpress version on a new site, cancel the PHP Cost Estimation license and use it in the Wordpress version. Is it possible?

No, the license of the PHP version can’t be used for the WP version. To do that, you need to ask a refund of the php version ( https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new ) then buy another wp version if needed : https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-cost-estimation-payment-forms-builder/7818230/

Hello This is the first time I have utilize the form since I bought it and I am having some issues. When I click on the “Get Started” button, the heading scrolls up and disappears, then it returns after the content is loaded. Is this a CSS issue?

Please can you contact me from the support page, sending me the url of the form ? I will check it .

We can use this only for website or app design service? can’t use it for Print service?

You can use it to sell any kind of product and service. You can freely manage your forms, steps and items .