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How can this be used as rate simulator where users can check cost per minute as that of skype?

Sorry, there is no such option currently, I note the suggestion.


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Can you change the language part front and back end(example french) ?


Yes, it is correct. Are you sure the current page is placed in the parent folder of Estimation_Payment_Forms/ ?
You can contact me from the support page sending me the url of the page, I will check it .


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Ok I send it to you.

Yes it is in the root parent

Thank you. It simply misses the brackets in the shortcode. I replied your email.

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5445 wpe in 20 files, 5270 wpe_ in 18 files on my side .

Search find another class “wp”. And things related wordpress. Is there redundant code in this version?

Yes, as mentioned in my previous messages, it is a PHP standalone version of WP Cost Estimation & Payments Form Builder, a lot of files and functions are similar in the both versions. If you want, you can also contact me from the support page to get the last update (it will be online on codecanyon in a few days). It adds some new options (like captcha) and remove some unused functions specific to the WP version.

Hi, interested in using this for pricing of a personal training service. If someone joins for 3 months they get a 10% discount, if 6 months a 20% discount and if for 12 months a 30% discount. There are also different rates for 2,3,4, and 5 sessions per week. Is this structure able to be accomplished using your PHP standalone version?

Yes, it can be done using custom calculations .

Hello mate, after installing the plugin something strange happens.

Please note that the login screen is working fine, but after logging in it goes blank.

I got this console error:

codemirror.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined at Function.f3 [as fromTextArea] (codemirror.min.js:2) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (lfb_admin.min.js:2) at i (jquery-2.2.4.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-2.2.4.min.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery-2.2.4.min.js:2) at HTMLDocument.J (jquery-2.2.4.min.js:2)

Thank you very much for reporting, I sent an update to fix it.

I have another problem. Its not saving when editing the forms. The steps are getting saved, but not the General, Texts, Email, Last Step, Discount coupons, and Design form settings.

Would be nice with a quick fix as i’m currently forced to change everything in the database manually.

Thanks in advance.

Please contact me from the support page, sending me an access to the backend, I will debug it .

How do you logout from the admin panel?

Currently, the user remains logged during the browser session and is disconnected as soon as the browser is closed.
I just added a “Sign out” button to the backend, it will be a part of the next update. You can contact me from the support page if you want it immediately.

Hello, how would I change the checkbox icons to Yes and No?

There is no option to directly do that, it requires a customization of the code. You need to edit the file assets/js/lfb_form.js and replace the line 913 by :
jQuery("#estimation_popup.wpe_bootstraped [data-toggle='switch']").wrap('<div class="switch" data-on-label="Yes" data-off-label="No" />').parent().bootstrapSwitch();
Then compress the full code using https://jscompress.com/ and paste it in the file lfb_form.min.js .

Hi, does it support BOTH paypal AND stripe RECURRING payments for subscriptions?

Yes, it supports both Paypal and Stripe subscriptions. A form can also generate a single payment + a subscription cost together.
The payment method (Paypal or Stripe) is defined by the admin, not by the customer himself .

Hi Loopus. Probably this is a silly question but, I’m trying to insert a small picture 104×104 under the customers email template but, after I’ve choose the image, the pop up window have the “insert picture” button, kind of gray. So, my question is. How to insert a picture within the “Form Settings” > “Customer email” above the variable [Ref], say, my picture, ref, information and so on? Thank you in advance.

Thank you for reporting, I’m going to send an update to fix this issue.
You simply need to edit the value in the image field once the file uploaded to activate the “Insert” button (for example, add a space after the filename then delete it) .
Otherwise, you can click the button “Code View” of the editor and paste this code with the url of your image :
<img src="http://yourImageUrl-here.jpg" />

Thank You for the quick reply. I will make use of the code editor. Thank you.

Is it possible to send the form to more than one email address?

I just added this option in the last update. You can contact me from the support page if you want it immediately.

Hey there, how do I enable a rich text editor in one of the fields? Right now users cannot input any special formatting when they submit their text…

There is no such option currently, sorry. The “rich text” items allows the admin to freely add html in the form, but not the customer.

my verson is an older one without the datepicker component. Do I have to purchase again to get that newer version?

the “export all forms” doesnt seem to work on my older version. Is there a way to get my old forms into the new version?

If you used an old version (before the major update and the new step visual system), no sorry, the exported data isn’t compatible. But you should be able to create the same folder very more quickly with this new version.
Otherwise, if you prefer, I can send you the last update before the major one. You can contact me from the support page .

ok thank you

Hey! I really would like to buy your plugin, but is it possible to :

1. Disable all animations ? To make it faster.

2. Put all the questions on the same page, to create a one-page form ?

3. Display several results at the end ? Depending on different math formula.

Thanks ! Have a great day.


1. No, but there is a “Animation speed” option allowing you to accelerate the animations of the form as desired (you can set it to “0” for an almost instantaneous transition effect between steps).
2. You can set all your items on the same step, and use the “Show depending on conditions” option to show/hide some specific items depending on the selection done. But it will remain the final result step at end (the step showing the total price, the final summary, make payment etc …) .
3. No, the result can be :
  • A single total price
  • A subscription price
  • A single total price + a subscription price (it also works with payments)

Thanks ! I’m sad for the last answer, I should consider using another plugin :(

No problem.
If you need a freelance to develop a custom script, you should have a look here : https://studio.envato.com/
Have a nice day :)

Hi Loopus,

the component is GREAT! Quick question: I have some options on my first page and would like to add a “maximum-price”.

The logic is simple, here an example: If the price is higher then 1.000 Dollars, it should be exactly 1.000 Dollars.

This pricing-limit should ONLY be happening on one step, because later options could rise the price again. So I think the easiest way is to add a calculation in a hidden filed that sets the price to 1.000 Dollars if it is higher then 1.000 Dollars.

But … how can I do this? I don´t see an option for an ”=”-operation in the calculation.

All the best, Julian!

1-2. Please contact em from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it .
3. Currently this plugin works with MailChimp / GetReponse . If you need a freelancer to add such specific customizations to your version, maybe you should have a look here: https://studio.envato.com/search?search%5Bquery%5D=php+plugin+customization
4. You can define the number of items per row from the step panel. Otherwise, you can also use empty Rich text items as separators in your steps .

1-2 Will do

3. Are you avalilable for customizations also? I prefer it if creator of a plugin himself makes customizations, and I also agree to insert all customizations into the main-version so others also can use the features.

4 Yes, but the number of steps will apply to all options and the Rich-Text-Field makes a huge (!) space between the options.

What do you think about adding a simple item like “line-break” which does nothing more then breaking the line? This would add more flexibility then defining the maximum-options for all items at once. ;)

All the best, Julian!

3. No, sorry, I am not currently available as freelancer.
4. Thank you for the idea, I note it.
You can fix it by naming these items “Separator” and adding this rule in the “Custom CSS” option of your form (tab Design) :
#estimation_popup [data-title="Separator"] {
   max-height: 0px!important; 
   margin: 0px !important;

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Finding a bunch of errors throughout with the software :

Warning: Missing argument 2 for __(), called on line 2738 and defined on line 469

Warning: Missing argument 2 for __(), called in on line 2629 and defined on line 469

Warning: Missing argument 2 for __(), called on line 2642 and defined on line 469

Also after adding a coupon you can’t edit it, among other issues.

Thanks for reporting .
The mentioned possible warnings messages were fixed in the last update. It will be online in a few days, feel free to contact me from the support if you want it immediately .
There is no such problem on coupons on my side, maybe there is a conflict somewhere on your installation. Please contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the plugin backend, I will check it .


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Hi, is it possible to add an initial price (one time Setup cost) to an subscription? When I use the field initial price it shows my in my test ”$80/month”. I have set Hide initial price in the progress bar ? to YES but still shows the $80/month.

Setup costs are not part of the subscription.

Would be perfect if subscription yes or no could be used as an condition before show the last step. With this option it would be possible to offer finance payment instead a one time payment


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Thanks, it works so far


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I like to use the popup feature (To open the popup, simply use the css class “open-estimation-form form-4”.) in an HTML website. What scripts I have to include?

You simply need to include the main plugin js script, add the mentioned css class to the wanted link, and add the shortcode somewhere in the page :
<div>[estimation_form form_id="4" popup="true"]</div>
You can find theses instructions in the documentation of the plugin (in the main zip file) .

Hi Loopus. I’ve sent you an email…

Yes, I replied.

Hi Loopus

Thank You for help me out on the issue I had.

Another question, probably this a silly question but, the images under products doesn’t appear I’m using 64×64px png images, I checked under the form design and the image path is there, I’ve checked also within upload folder and they are all there (4 images one for each product), honestly I don’t know what’s wrong?

Any advice regarding this will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance RJCS

Please can you contact me from the support page, sending me the url of the form ? I will check it .