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Hi, I have purchased the software few hours ago, Installed and it’s all working fine. I’m using a wordpress. When I try to add the form to wordpress page only I found that you have a wordpress version already.

Can you help me with, either transferring the purchase to the wordpress software or show me an option to add the form to the wordpress page, please. Thanks.

This standalone version can work on any php website. You simply need to add the main js file to the <head> part of the page (it can be done by editing the header.php file of your theme) and add the shortcode on a page.
If you prefer to use the WP version, you can also uninstall this standalone version, ask for a refund then buy the WP version. I will accept it, no problem .

Hi, just a pre-purchased question, is it possible to sent the data from form created using this script to external database. Can I edit the form manually if i want to integrate with other system. Thanks.

All the data are directly stored in the database (in tables epfb_*), so you can create a php script to recover data to use it elsewhere .

HI, great plugin. I used the WP version for a customer and I just purchase the php for my website https://www.paolowebdesign.com. The problem is that it doesn’t send the email. I am hosted at Godaddy, so I certainly need to configure sending email through SMTP. Is there an option for that? If not, can you direct me to the file that handles the email sending? I will code it.

The plugin uses PHPMailer to send the email, you can find it in the function sendOrderEmail() of the file includes/lfb-core.php (line 370).
You can use SMTP adding these lines :
$email->SMTPAuth   = true;               
$email->Host       = "mail.yourdomain.com";r
$email->Port       = 26;  
$email->Username   = "yourname@yourdomain";  
$email->Password   = "yourpassword";     

Oki. Super cool. Thanks. I’ll rate you another 5 stars for the support, best and fast as ever!

Thank you very much !

Hi, I purchased the stand alone version and would like to know how to pass the total price from the completed form to another website via url string, like this : http://somesite.com/thispage.php?amt=

How would i populate that variable? Thanks

I sent messag

i sent message

No problem for the support, I sent you the custom version.

Hi i need help with my installation,

widget doesnt appear, i think its because my php script compatibilty

For support requests, please contact me from the support page using your buyer account, I will help you.

Hello.. I have some problems to integrate the form into my website.. I insert that code in the main page of website:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”EP_FormsBuilder/EP_FormsBuilder.js”></script>

and I tryed all to see the form on the page , but doesn’t appear..

(Shortcode) Integrate form in a page: [estimation_form form_id=”1”] To use as popup: [estimation_form form_id=”1” popup=”true”]

To open the popup, simply use the css class “open-estimation-form form-1”. <a href=”#” class=”open-estimation-form form-1”> Open Form *>

I tryed all combinations..

I want to see the form on the page or just on click one button, get the link to open popup in new window the form crated.. I got that button on my website:

<a data-scroll="" href="#" class="btn btn-default btn-lg transperant-btn">Realizar Presupuesto*>

Can you help me to integrate on this. Thx a lot. Cheers

The shortcode must be placed in a div as mentipned on the shortcode panel :
<div>[estimation_form form_id="1"]</div>
Please can you contact me from the support page sending me the url where you added the shortcode ? I will check it .

menno23 Purchased

please let me know install this standalone.. because its not in wordpress section


mdshak77 Author Team

This is standalone script and You do not need WordPress. There is separate WordPress’s Plugin for WordPress Site.

But install process not described…

As mentioned, all instructions about installation are in the documentation you can find in the main zip file of the plugin.
Contact us from the support page sending us the required informations (url, database infos and ftp access) if you need more help to install it on your website.

This is also possible in a static page without CMS?

Yes, once the plugin installed, you can show a form on any page of your website. Simply follow the instructions of the documentation (add the line to load the main js file then paste the form shortcode where you want to show it in your page) .
Feel free to contact us from the support page if you need help on a specific point : https://codecanyon.net/item/php-flat-estimation-payment-forms/10550735/support

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The .htaccess was wrong. Now it is.


jorma000 Purchased

This is awesome addon for website! it fits so good and everyone who is using it likes it. awesome work!


mdshak77 Author Team

Great thanks for liking us. We are always working to create great user experience.