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Hell mate, Can I allow each particle user to add his/her logo in each invoice/quote

The admin can freely modify the email and invoice content, but the plugin can’t use an image uploaded by the customer inside, sorry .

does the php version have the list with the cost summary in the final step? I ask it because in the old code it was possible to have the summary of costs at the end of the step they are in the wp version.

I inserted the script in the custom js, but the email field remains visible

Please can you contact me from the support page of the plugin ? I will debug it .

I can’t my support period has expired, I should renew it

Hello, I need “Hotel room reservation” or “Layered image” form (what you place on your demonstration site). But demo forms not included these. How can I make one step form with your builder as see on demonstration page? How can I customize last step with custom fields?

No, sorry, these demo forms aren’t included in the PHP version currently.
1. To create a layered image item, you simply need to create a new item, set its “Type” option to “Layered Image” , fill the root image in the “Base Image” option, then create the wanted layers. You can define a different image and freely define the visibility conditions for each layer.
The base image and the layers images must have the same size (you need to use .png images with transparent background for the layers) .
2. You can directly create the wanted fields in the “Last step” settings tab of the form to create a single step contact form .

Thanks for great tips and quick reply, I will try it! :)

Dear developer,

How or where can I set for image selection to multiply selection mode (as checkbox), no only one selection? I didn’t find this.

You simply need to leave the “Group” option of the target items empty to make them all selectable.

Great tip, thank you! :)

hello, any integration with mandril, sendingblue, sendgrid or something similar?

due to regular php pr my own stms not always work on public emails (gmal, yahoo etc)


No, sorry, there is no these integration options currently. You can use SMTP to ensure the emails to be correctly sent (I explained to you how to do in a previous message) .

yes thank you, but still goes to junk many times

Feel free to contact me from the support page by using the account that has support rights, I will check it .

Do you have any plan for commerce coinbase merchant and perfectmoney integration?

No, sorry, it isn’t planned currently. Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi I have a problem, when I tried to make a layered image, I have this errors.

1) The images base and layered only show a broken image icon, but the files are in the uploads folder.

2) The layered images have the same image upload, When i press the import button change the images to all the layered images, of course with the error 1.

Thank you for your help and reply.

Please can you contact me from the support page of the plugin, indicating me the url of the form ? I will debug it .

Hi Loopus … Thank you very much for your code that we use on our website … We find that if the PHP version on the server changes from 7.2.29 to eg. version 7.3.x we experience various errors eg. that mail cannot be sent … Do you plan to make the code compatible with newer PHP versions?

Please can you check the error logs of the server and indicate me the exact error message ?

Hi again – when we press SEND in the last step we just see a pulsating ball that does not stop again … Mail is not sent and no error code is generated – there’s no error message in the server log…

Please can you contact me from the support page by using the account that has support rights, and send me the mentioned server log file ? I will check it :

Hello, how do you add a text field on the same part of the form if you click on the checkbox. Basically once the user clicks on the checkbox a text field should appear below it for the user to enter more information. I have tried looking for help online but can’t see anything. Thanks

It can be done by using the option “Show it depending on conditions” on the text field, to define its visibility conditions.

Thanks Loopus.

Dear developer,

How can we add a price to monthly cost or immediately cost inside one form, like in this demo?

The way to do that is to create an hidden & preselected checkbox “Single total” in the last step, enable its option “Isn’t a part of the subscription” and use its price calculation option to calculate the single total cost based on the selection done in the previous steps.

Hello, It’s not clear yet. :) 1. +add step and I have to creat a checkbox (hidden and selected) what name is “Singel total”? 2. Where can I enable the option “Isn’t a part of the subscription”? I can’t find it this option. Have you got a help document about it?

1. Yes
2. Once the “Use subscription” option activated in the form settings, you will find the item option “Isn’t a part of the subscription” in the item panel of the priced items (images, checkbox, sliders etc…)

I have a question, we have an intranet in our company and as security we have no internet. Can I still install your software without the internet?

Yes, it can work without internet. It requires a mySQL database and PHP.

Does your plugin support Indian payment gateway like Instamojo?

The current available payment gateways are Stripe and Paypal .

Hello, does this have a webhook?

No, sorry, there is no such feature currently .


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Nice App. My only problem is that the Form Designer does not work…Clicking either the button (top or bottom) simply gives me a green loading form.

Curiously there are no Console errors

Any ideas? Thanks

Please contact me from the support page of the plugin, I will debug it :

Can’t install this, error below and Field doesn’t show so can’t enter the purchase code:

Field ‘purchaseCode’ doesn’t have a default value

Please can you contact me from the support page ? I will debug it :


Is it possible to create a product selection wizard using your script? For example, based on the client’s selections, the form will suggest an appropriate product(s) that we have for them – not necessarily displaying any pricing, but more like a “help me choose”-type wizard.

Yes, it can be done by using this plugin . You can create a “Result” step, enable its option “Hide next step button” and use the option “Show depending on conditions” on the items inside to show the good one depending on the selection done in the previous steps .


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Where is change log for this item. I see update at 18 june but whats new?

There is no change log, sorry. The last update contains code improvements, to avoid a possible issue with some mySQL databases.


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Hi. When I use picture as item for steps it seems relatively small compare to uploaded size. I went to “Form designer” and select my image “canvas.img”. Then went to styles >> height/width . Adjust the values, but picture is no near to uploaded size. Also tried to enlarge div.row and div.item part, but picture is still small. Many thanks.

You need to use the option “Pictures size” in the “Design” settings tab of the form to change the images size.


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Thanks for your swift reply ..that did the trick ;)