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Will this lib help detect if 2 images have the same person in them?

No, it just recognise the faces.

From the comments I think we see the feature people want :)

wow nice script thanks! can it compare two photos of same user?

Hi, unfortunately it can’t compare the detected faces.

Great script!

Thanks for appreciation!

Looks good but will it detect faces and the Facebook profiles associated with them?

Hi, it won’t.

Great Script! A must buy for me!

I think you have an error in your demo. The second picture, the girl on the right has beed double recodnised

Hi. Also the girl on the first picture was recognised many times. Actually this is good; if you have a social network users may choose which variant of detected face to tag in the photo.

Hi, i have a question i can be make it plugin for wodpress ? if yes it can work for buddypress like facebook face recognition ?

It is an general tool. It is not a plugin for anything. If you want to integrate it in your application, you will be able, but it is not compatible by default with it. You should write some code for this.

Thanks for you support, but last question i hope :D :
there is a database for detected faces with this script, because if same persones upload more than 1 image it will recognized like facebook do ?

Hello before i get it i need to know if i have project like you php script help me with add some codes on it to make project like it ?
please advise

Is it possible to detect face with HTML5 video and detect only one face while having more than one face?

I can also manually mark?

Yes. You have library functions for manually mark the face.

The demo is not working.

oh..the demo is not working, something wrong((

Hi, I would like ask before I buy the script. ^^. Is the script capable to return total amount of the faces in values? Which i doesn’t need to show the image back to the user.

Great ! Good luck

Is it possible to integrate the script within an application created with Filemaker Pro Advanced? I’ve thousands of images in a database with a lot of information for every persons in images.

demo not working