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Having ‘debug’ activated I get an error message ‘Please configure your settings in inc/ file. Error description: Unknown MySQL server host ’’ (2)

I have used ‘localhost’ for all my other scripts to access DB but why would it not work for this script?


Please use these instructions to install the script:

is it possible to integrate the calender with another application and get event details from that db ?

Yes, it’s possible, but requires script customizTION

Can we use this to have more than one calendar on the same website? Or perhaps show one category in a calendar on one page and another category on a separate page?

Yes, you may do it

Hi, Could you tell me which version is?



I am interested in this calendar, but my requirement is bit different. could you have a look and let me know, whether your script work in my application or not.

I have my own date MySQL database I want to use this calendar script to visualize my booking. Is it possible to customize this calendar as per my requirement after buying ??

I have a booking system in Zend framework, and would like to integrate a calendar to the existing system. I dont need admin panel, I want to fetch my booking from database into this calendar to visualize. Please let me know, Is it feasible with your calendar ?? any early response is highly appreciated

can i change the name and customize?

hi, i don’t understand on how to install, I’m using Mac. I hope you can help on this.

This scrip has web-setup. It doesn’t matter on which machine you install it. everything via web-browser. Read installation instruction.

In this version the management of permissions of users is full, because I see that in your page there are other versions and they confuse me

Find here more information about how to set permissions:

Nice addition for my website, and very easy to customize, so I’m able to tweak it as needed.

I have everything set up and whenever I try to open the calendar demo I am getting the following error: SELECT id, name, description, color, duration FROM events_categories WHERE show_in_filter = 1 AND (duration = ’’ OR duration >= 60) ORDER BY name ASC LIMIT 0, 1000|You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘events_categories WHERE show_in_filter = 1 AND ’ at line 2 … I have tried an am unable to resolve this, do you know what is wrong with it?

Please contact our support: and provide them all needed in formation

Hello, I would like to know how to set a reminder email about an event. Can you please explain how to do that?