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Before purchasing I have to be sure:

There is no problem using a path that is not accessible, I meam folder outside public_html?

Can files really be downloaded from that folder?

Thanks a lot

hi, again, it works with relative path!! THANKS.

Can you please tell me how to include this script inside other php file? without using iframe, I mean.

Thanks a lot, my friend

Sorry again, it doesn’t work with antileech off and with antileech on files can be accessed from the navigation bar if you know the path, for example: Please help with these two issues. Give me your email address to contact you. Regards

Please use the form on this page: ...and let me look at what you are trying to do.

Hi there…

Im so sad :( I dont know what am I doing wrong… This errors I get constant:

Its the: $b=$_GET[“d”]; $q=$_GET[“f”];

ERRORs… and they wont go away :(

Please help me out.

Beste regards

I need more information, please check your email. Thank you.

Thankyou, it works very well. Well done.:)

Thank you!

I have the same issue that “corporaticfotos” I had installed on a different directory, and shows another, works ok But when press the links, show an error!

Could you help me?

Please email me with the link (url) and php file settings section.

Hie, awsome work you did here. Can you please explain how i would do to insert the php directory explorer into an existing php file, like insert it into a div.

Thanks for your comment. There are various javascripts available that would do the job quite easily. You can also work with php codes to implement what you are trying to establish. I hope it helps.


downloads with link protection don’t work with Dolphin Browser for Android, I just get 1 kb files. If I deactivate it, some files are downloadable, but with some files I get a 404 message. Are there limitations in file naming? Do I have to use server friendly filenames if I deactivate the link protection?

Best regards, Christoph The download link protection is set to off. I think some characters could be the reason. If I set download link protection to on, files are not downloadable with dolphin browser. Best regards!

To fix the issue with special characters in html, please add: ”<meta charset=”utf-8”>” before ”<title>” in your php file. However, you may have other issues with your server being unable to handle filenames with special characters. Please check , I added a file with special characters for its filename and it works fine. Your file, for example, should be directly accessible even without directory explorer when link protection is turned off since it’s an absolute url but there’s 404. So it’s a server side issue.

Thank you! I think I’ll simply change the filenames to server friendly links.

Hello, is there any way to hide ‘icons’ folder in my public_html folder? i mean – i made contstant $file_dir equil to ’.’; and so it is. error_log is better to hide too

And another one question is how to display html code in specific folder, fox example in demo to make sentence “Hi” in header of page.. Thank you

Hello, if icons folder is inside $file_dir, then you have to customize the script to hide the folder. Also to display html codes in specific folder, you need to customize the script, i.e. write php codes according to your needs.

Really expected better. More options. More functionality. :(

Added to favourites, looking forward to an UPDATE in 2014/2015!

I used a previous version of this script (1.2, I think) without any problems, but now when I click on “Last Modified” or “Type” to sort, I get a “404-File or Directory Not Found error).

The same thing happens if there is a folder in the list of files to be downloaded – when I click on the folder to see what is inside it, I get the same “404” error.

Thank you, in advance, for your help! This has been a great script for us so far!

Could you please send me an email with your website url?

hi just bought the script – implemented on my domain – really love it. One question tho! If I try to access files or folders directly I am still able to – it simply bypasses the login page i.e. << script location

I am still able to access: By entering directly in browser – is there a way to call the script every-time I access the subfolder? or try to access anything under root of where the script is placed?

Hi, Mafiatic -

I really like the look of this script. Just one question before I buy: Can I add the “file browser” to an existing php page – with some kind of php include?



Pre sales Question : I am interested in this script.. Can you add more attributes to the file. for example . we need to have a version and a control number on each file when uploaded. Can this be done with this script? Thank you in advance… Jason

I regret to inform you that I do not provide customized solutions.

Hello Mafiatic, nice app! before buying, I want to be sure of anything. I have a website and I want that all my customers can download your electronic invoice. Can I associate each pdf file with each customer and give access only with your ID and password? can i create unlimited users? Thank you!

It’s currently for 1 user and the feature to have multiple users is not included.

Can it protect hotlink video files and allow only certain Ips to hotlink them to stream?