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Will this work on PHP scripts that do not involve the web? I often write batch style scripts that read, process and write local flat files—no Internet interface or web site interaction … just write code in text editor, run php and the script and review the output …

Hi ssieloff,

The debugger console runs on the web. However, I have not tested this for standalone scripts. I don’t think it will make a difference but I will test this and let you know.



Hi ssieloff,

I checked the application and it does work on scripts running from the command line. The only thing you have to make sure is that when you run the online web debug console. That apache has permmission to open the file. So, you might need to move the script to the html folder so Apache can open it.



Hi ssieloff,

The debugger console runs on the web. However, I have not tested this for standalone scripts. I don’t think it will make a difference but I will test this and let you know.




Very nice script! May I ask you what file editor you use in the movie?


Hi Boy219,

Thank you for your comment :).

The editor I used was Coda for mac. I’ve used a lot of editors in the past but this is my favorite.

Thank you again for your comment.


Hi MrChip?

i have a presale question.


Hi tBeza,

I’m happy to help :) What is your question?



I get alot of errors with this :S .. When using the example scripts, i get this error

“Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\wamp\www\php-debug-tracer\debugger.php on line 78”

So basically i just need to set a higher script timeout? I think i understand what your saying here… basically the script stops and waits at each “step” until your done debugging that section?

I also get errors like this in Firebug

“Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in C:\wamp\www\php-debug-tracer\ajax\pending-scripts.php on line 43”.

The $json variable goes to 20, but when you only load 1 script, you get 19 undifined index’s :P … how do i fix this?

Actually, i just fixed it! it all works… I made an error below, instead of addslashes( $value ); you need to use “str_replace(’\\’, ’/’, $value)” as windows uses back slashes for the file paths sometimes… Other then that, works 100% as intended on WAMP 2 .2c with php version 5.3.9. Please note that “show_errors” needs turned off in the php.ini (due to some E_NOTICE errors), but other then that, good work! and thanks for an awesome script!

Nevermind, i fixed the issues by turning SHOW _ERRORS to false in the config. The only issue i have now is… when i click a variable name, it updates the bottom left window and adds the variable name, and the Ajax request IS sent, but… it does not show anything in the bottom right window (the value of variables window). I looked in the database and none of the 4 rows are updated when clicking a variable (if that matters much).

This script works fine on windows as long as you edit just 1 line in the debugger.php file… Line 87 ( case ‘fq_script_name’: ), for fq_script_name=’”. $value .”’, just change to fq_script_name=’”. addslashes( $value ) .”’ :)

Hi Wilson,

Thank you for finding the issue with Windows and Linux.

The not showing variable option. Do you have these issues with the example scripts? Please note that If you are using the debugger inside functions you must use global keyword.

Please send me a private message and we can communicate via e-mail. Then maybe you could send me your code and we will see what we can change/fix.



Hey, my replies got mixed up alittle, the last comment on our previous comments was the latest one… I have everything working perfectly fine now on windows using php 5.3.9. You just need to change 1 line in the debugger to make it work correctly

On line 87 in the debugger, you need to use ( fq_script_name=’”. str_replace(’\\’, ’/’, $value) .”’ ) as windows uses back slashes for the file paths sometimes… When this happens the slashes are removed when they are being entered into the database, which ruins the file path. Other then that, works 100% as intended on WAMP .

Thanks you for making such a wonderful piece of work!

Hi Wilson,

Thank you for your kind words and for making the script work in Windows.

Please remember to rate the application because this helps other users decide if the application is worth the money.

Thank you again for purchasing my script.


You have no idea how long i been searching for a application like this! My friend wilson here shared the news about it with me.

So i wen’t here and looked for my self.. I was amazed. Really great job on this application. It’s worth every penny.

Will tomorrow show it to my colleagues.

Hi danniehansen thank you for your kind words and thank you wilson for spreading the word.

I made the application because it was something I needed too, especially for AJAX applications.

Please rate the application if you can

Thank you again for your purchase.


Error 005: Php Debug is no longer loaded, another process has taken its handle. ?

Hello Tlman,

You can only have a maximum of four process running at the same time. This is to stop lag. I really recommend only running one process at a time because the communication back and forth can be a bit high. If you click on the time next to the file this will close that particular script from running.

Or you can click on the button, “Kill all scripts”

I got that on first one, i think a problem with the path, i will make one simple example to see what happen

Hi Tlman,

Please can you confirm that you created the four records in the flags table and each has a number assigned as the following:

1 2 3 4

Please can you send me the table columns and table contents via e-mail. If you send me a private message then it will be easier to view :)

In MySQL type the following:


SELECT * FROM flags;

Also, please can you confirm that you are running on a Linux based hosting server.

Thank you for your time.

It looks like a really useful tool for php programmer. Can this debug tool use in PHP 4.3 ?

does it work with wordpress? I used some debug plugins but there is issue that make site can’t load, I cant see debug. Can this tool do this?