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Your script is great. The search page, php in examples / search.php is empty. five star.

Thanks! Yes I forgot to remove file that for the release. It’s a feature that will be implemented soon :)

Hi dude can i use this to load big databases? 1000 rows and more? i m using regular datatables without server side load and takes to long to load. Also can i have custom columns like checkbox and buttons?

This class doesn’t do anything special that would increase database load so yes 1000 rows should work fine. However, you shouldn’t need to load 1000 rows. I advice you use the built-in pagination to only load perhaps 30 or 50 rows at a time. Look at

Pagination: http://afflicto.net/demo/datatables#tutorials-pagination

As far as custom columns you can do so using the ‘action’ method described here: http://afflicto.net/demo/datatables#tutorials-actions.

If what you want is not possible, then get back to me and I’ll try to implement your feature.

Hope that helps!

The demo displays a blank page!?

Alright, I was able to fix the issue, thanks for pointing it out!

not sure if I’m missing something here. Is the page supposed to be showing just documentation as opposed to a working demo? All I see is documentation/usage…. thanks!

It’s supposed to include a demo, I haven’t had the time to add them yet. I’m in the process of rewriting all my demo pages which will make two separate pages, one for demos and another for documentation.

I have followed your instructions to a T and I still get failed to get data from database. Please advise as I am unable to do anything with your code at the moment!

Sat Jun 21 03:02:12 2014 [client] PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/visualrealityink/public_html/clients/steve/src/afflic to/neatdatatables/datatable.php on line 300 Sat Jun 21 03:02:12 2014 [client] PHP Fatal error: Unca ught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Failed to get records!Array’ in /home/v isualrealityink/public_html/clients/steve/src/afflicto/neatdatatables/datatable. php:300 Sat Jun 21 03:02:12 2014 [client] Stack trace: Sat Jun 21 03:02:12 2014 [client] #0 /home/visualreality ink/public_html/clients/steve/src/afflicto/neatdatatables/datatable.php(465): af flicto\\neatdatatables\\datatable->getRecords() Sat Jun 21 03:02:12 2014 [client] #1 /home/visualreality ink/public_html/clients/steve/examples/pagination.php(75): afflicto\\neatdatatab les\\datatable->display() Sat Jun 21 03:02:12 2014 [client] #2 {main} Sat Jun 21 03:02:12 2014 [client] thrown in /home/visu alrealityink/public_html/clients/steve/src/afflicto/neatdatatables/datatable.php on line 300

I would really like to review this like I do all others but I would like some help before I rate it.

Hi there, I’d like to see the client code (the code that uses the datatable class).

Are you able to execute the examples files included?

is it possible to create CRUD with your plugin? I wonder if it is possible to add / delete / edit data rows.


It does not come with CRUD functionality but you can certainly modify/extend it and implement whatever functionality you need.

Hi, i want see demo page and document page ( http://afflicto.net/demo/datatables#tutorials-pagination )before i buy it

Yes, the first argument is the name of the table in your database, the second argument is an array where the keys refer to the columns and values are the headers (th elements).

OK, i need to see real demo, not just document.thanks

I have a database that’s quite large and I need to search all the data within the table – Its constantly growing

No, this library only generates the HTML and provides no ajax functionality I’m afraid.

I only bought this things hunk of junk for the search and its not included. What a rip off.

Absolute rip off piece of shit. Does not have search capability. and the sample site gores to a dangerous site according to McAfee. God damn am I pissed off. I needed this to complete a project today.

Sorry for late response. This library does not include search functionality.