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Super work my friend :) Very useful!!! wish you luck and many-many sales

10x for such kind of words!

Hello, is it possible to generate only view mode for front-end users without edit mode? I mean just show some data list


Yes, you may turn off add/edit/delete options: http://www.apphp.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=194

Great, thanks

Hello, 1. can’t install datagrid is there any automated installation instructions, 2. how to make Datagrid like yours on demo http://codecanyon.net/item/php-datagrid-light-databound-grid-control/full_screen_preview/8013641 ?

Which version is this? PRO or ADvanced ? Does it come with auto installer?

It’s Light – no PRO and no ADV. Yes, it comes with auto-installer for examples.

Hi I’m considering a purchase, i need to select information from multiple tables and display it as a grid. At the end send the entire grid information by email Is this possible?

Everything is possible. This script is 100% open-source.

Hi there, is it possible to have multiple queries displayed on a single page, I have 4 panels that each display data from a unique query for example?

Thank you

You have to use multiple datagrids – yes, it’s possible.

When I search something (filtering mode): 1) sorting on columns does not keep value. 2) pagination didn’t work when I clicked the next page. It goes to view all the records once

Solved. set variables that used to get access to the page $http_get_vars = array(”..... “); $dgrid->SetHttpGetVars($http_get_vars);

please can i calculate let sey column a * column b /100, with your script

Yes, yuo may define in View Mode SQL: SELECT …. SUM as total_sum

you reckon it’ll work with mssql?

Yes, you have to use mssql driver, read more in Getting Started

hi, if i have 4 tables and i want to create a grid with data combinate of that 4 tables can i do with this script?

Do i need to know coding if i use it or there is an interface i can use to do sites like your demos show?

No, all these examples are included in the script archive.