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apphpcc does not currently provide support for this item.

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Is it easy to hide/show options after a radiobutton was updated?

is this still active? i need someone like this but with a few enhancements.. let me know if you can accommodate it..



Thank you for your interesting in our software.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept customization projects, because we’re very busy at this time.

I would like to do a simple search and report page where the page searches a form- Like a search by city,state, type to show all the results.

I would also like a search by price which needs a range X-Y can this script do that? If so I will be an instant buyer.

do you still support this script ?

Yes, we support it.

Hello! I just bought your script.

I can’t understand how the “shownoresults” feature works.

I set it to false, but when I use autocomplete feature I still see “No results!” box when values are not present in array.

Any ideas, please?

Thanks, kind regards.

can explain about this “Resizing uploaded images”

Coz i need some form to upload avatar images and resize it…for display on the data information page…..

To allow resizing add to your image field following: ‘resize_image’=>’true’, ‘resize_width’=>’120px’, ‘resize_height’=>’90px’,

Hi, On your site there are 3 versions (Basic, Advanced, Pro), is this the Pro version ? If none of those, what are the differences ?

can you submit the form to database?

Yes, it submits the data to the database + may send email also.

does your form do Time and date? date in 12 hour format?

See the definition for datetime fields in code_template

Hi Very interested in purchasing your script but have some questions before I do so.

1- which version will I be receive on ordering here on this site? 2-The script supports only vertical single column (double columns possible?)


The last one 3.3.9, double columns are possible if you create your own custom layout.


Is this project still active/supported?

Yes, it’s still active.

Where is wysiwyg editor ? I ran just examples creating tables in my sql database but I can’t found any tool or app to create and customize my forms.