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Got an error from the demo…..

tested “” as a Valid URL .

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: No ending delimiter ’^’ found in /home/a8479946/public_html/demos/phpDataValidator/demo/DataValidator.php on line 234

Fixed that issue.

Thanks for the heads up! :)

Your demo site contains a worm….

The website was blocked by CSIS Secure DNS .

According to our information, the website you are trying to visit contains harmful items which might compromise the security of your computer.

It is more than 3 days since last evaluation of this website. Please revalidate this entry

The following is a general description of the content that can be found on the given website:

Category: Worm

Description: A worm is malicious software written to misuse your computer’s resources – without your knowledge or permission. Most worms spread through vulnerabilities such as your computer’s operating system, email, or other popular communication programs.

Information about Secure DNS

That is strange. I ran Symantic Webscan on that hosting instance url and it came up clean.

That’s what CSIS secure DNS reported… I have resubmitted request for review again, so it might come up clean this time… I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks a bunch Valter033!

Thanks for this class, but can you update methods using last PHP5 declared functions.

Like isEmail() is more simple with this PHP code :

public static function isEmail($mail) { return filter_var($mail, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL); }

Hi Emulienfou,

Thanks, I’ll add that into the next update.


Code Slinger

does this just validate, or does it sanitize too?

Hi Shovi,

It just validates.


Code Slinger

Hi, good work


Hi, a question, you can define the codes that I want to validate?



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