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Pre-Sale question :

I’m not a developper, so I don’t know anything about PHP / Javascript etc … I’m looking for a “software” to monitorize my KPI (Sales, meeting etc …) week after week.

Is this the right product according to you ?

Thank u

You need to know basic PHP to use this script.

Hi there dev, can i see the documentation ? it seems the link does not work.

Question, can i use your script to replace another website dashboard like WordPress and allow members to login to manage their accounts and data ?

Thank you!

the documentation link works. otherwise, just scroll down the page. if you know php you can incorporate script with any php written script like wordpress. hope this helps.

Hello, I have purchased php dashboard v2.9 and trying to get it working. I’m trying to get D3 working. I see a a ton of highcharts demos in the dropdown but i’m not able to find any D3. Are there any standalone d3 examples anywhere?

There are quite a few D3 examples on the page – see link http://www.phpdashboard.net/products/v2/dashboard.php. I would cut out the sections of the dashboard json that pertain to d3 charts to create a d3 only dashboard. Hope this helps.

Hi any updates, using d3js is still not responsive in some charts. It would also be nice to be able to easily optin on the charts configuration per section.

hi any updates yet

soon -ninja

Hi, checking to see on the updates… can you please release

does this work with the free highcharts download?

keep getting error on demo page- Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

<?php $carousel_inx = 0; $graph_inx = 0; foreach ($json_arr‘dashboard’ as $carousel) {

if ( $json_arr'dashboard'  'wide') {
         if ($carousel['tilewidth']  "span3") { $items = "7"; $itemsDesktop = "7"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "7"; $itemsTablet = "7";}
         if ($carousel['tilewidth'] == "span4") { $items = "6"; $itemsDesktop = "6"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "6"; $itemsTablet = "6";}
         if ($carousel['tilewidth'] == "span6")    { $items = "3"; $itemsDesktop = "3"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "3"; $itemsTablet = "3";}
         if ($carousel['tilewidth'] == "span12")    { $items = "1"; $itemsDesktop = "1"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "1"; $itemsTablet = "1";}
     } else {
         if ($carousel['tilewidth'] == "span3") { $items = "4"; $itemsDesktop = "4"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "4"; $itemsTablet = "4";}
         if ($carousel['tilewidth'] == "span4") { $items = "3"; $itemsDesktop = "3"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "3"; $itemsTablet = "3";}
         if ($carousel['tilewidth'] == "span6")    { $items = "2"; $itemsDesktop = "2"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "2"; $itemsTablet = "2";}
         if ($carousel['tilewidth'] == "span12")    { $items = "1"; $itemsDesktop = "1"; $itemsDesktopSmall = "1"; $itemsTablet = "1";}
     $(document).ready(function() {
           items : '.$items.', //10 items above 1000px browser width
           itemsDesktop : [1200,'.$itemsDesktop.'], //5 items between 1000px and 901px
           itemsDesktopSmall : [900,'.$itemsDesktopSmall.'], // 3 items betweem 900px and 601px
           itemsTablet: [600,'.$itemsTablet.'], //2 items between 600 and 0;
           autoPlay : 3000,
           stopOnHover : true,
           paginationSpeed : 1000,
           goToFirstSpeed : 2000,
           singleItem : false,
           autoHeight : true,

any updates?

I’ve been splitting time between HTML5 Cloud Dashboard Designer and PHP Dashboard desiginer. Sorry for delays.

Well thats not my problem, I paid for the product.

There was simply so support or updates when I bought the product!

Well thats not my problem, I paid for the product.

There was simply so support or updates when I bought the product!


Any assistance would be appreciated. I have followed the instructions (including installing HighCharts) however graphs are still not being generated.

what does the browser developer console error showing. Send me a screenshot to php_dashboard@yahoo.com


laacct Purchased

Thanks. I purchased the v2, but I am having trouble with that as well. The US Collection maps are not rendering on the demo and in the code I purchased as well. Check https://codecanyon.net/item/php-dashboard-new-version-12/6522443/comments?page=3&filter=all#comment_14025606. Plz fix this as I need it asap. Thanks.

I check the posting and some reason the file is still v2.9 version. I uploaded new version just now and should take 24 hours to refresh. If you need sooner. Email me php_dashboard@yahoo.com and I’ll email you new zip file. – Ninja


laacct Purchased

v2 is still not working, but your demo is now working so I am willing to work with you to get it to work in my instance. As for v1, I have not heard anything about my refund for v1. I am going to give you 24 hours to refund it or I am going to file a chargeback for both purchases.

What’s the rationale for returning v1? It should be functioning.

Does it have a sample mysql database or only json file was use?

No sampel mysql database but there are instructions on how to use mysql.

Before I buy, with an extend support can you give a Brazil’s map?

Sorry, I don’t do customizations. Should be pretty easy for a PHP developer. -Ninja


emena Purchased

Buy your application phpdashboard_v2.10 (fdb26750-db94-4b05-b609-034502b2c31f), use php 5.3, no graphical output of any kind. I made a unzip on the site and then entered the explorer but nothing

send me an email and I’ll create a subdomain with the script. You can ftp into it and compare your installation. dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com


emena Purchased

I already answered you by the email that indicates