PHP Dashboard for Mobile Devices (v3)

PHP Dashboard for Mobile Devices (v3)

PHP Dashboard for Mobile Devices (version 3) is a very easy to use script that creates beautiful dashboards (Highcharts and Highmaps charts) using jQuery mobile framework. THE LIVE PREVIEW FOR THIS SCRIPT IS BEST VIEWED ON A MOBILE DEVICE – TABLET OR MOBILE PHONE. Like version 2 of the PHP Dashboard series, this version is controlled by a single JSON string in PHP and supports a chart tile library that can be customized and extended, This script is themeable and comes out of the box with a dark and light theme that supports 5 different menu colors. This script also includes a code generator that automatically generates PHP scripts to render dashboards standalone – Future releases will include MySQL integration and additions to chart library included d3js and highstock charts.

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VERSION 3.0 (11/17/2014) – Initial Version
   • nativeDroid theme (jQuery Mobile) –
   • Themeable
   • JSON control
   • Extensible chart library architecture
   • Highcharts collection –*

  • NOTE: This script uses Highcharts, Highmaps and nativeDroid javascript/jquery scripts. You will need to download your own licensed copy and install in the libs folder of this script. See documentation menu option for more details.