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hi is it possible to send email for all newsletter subscriber ?


i don’t get how user must validate their email ?

You can only send one email

hi it’s seems many things missing. i don’t get , in dashbard, it’s show “read” but what it read ?

Contact form means read but will not be the answer

the author should take the time to be a bit more elaborate with the demonstration, as Send Email and Receive Emails are the same, messages only says Support, no one can really grab a clue as to how the system is working. Would be better if you created pseudo users or characters to represent the users and then your potential buyers may be able to tell a difference as to what’s the demonstration is trying to convey. I agree with spham at this point, I dont understand when you click the READ area, that has the number 8 in it, all you get is a list…shouldnt that actually be where admin goes to “READ” messages I assume?

PHP contact and newsletter form is a system aimed at better ways to communicate with you through your users, read read form of communication sent, but the form will not be answered


take a look at my form and let me know

is ist posible to add my form to your contac manager system

Yes, it can be added

Your demo isn’t even working and you expect people to actually be interested?

Demo is working

hi i interest to buying but in demo version, Did not see the edit forms Page OR menu ! Is it possible? Another question Is it possible to add fine views report of the fill fields and visit site and forms and

There are options to edit forms, no reports of users entering the site, there are only reports of communicating with you

tnx for your respond You can add my Facilities to your system ? The cost How much will I get?

Written in the cost page

Hello, Is the client front end multiple language capable?

You can add other languages to the client side, there are currently only english

Demo site is down. Please repair it.

Demo is working

Like other I am INTERESTED, but finding lack of clarity of what this is doing?

It’s a Contacts manager with a Newsletter – Right or wrong

So as I am developing a small Charity Website, I am looking for generalting Contacts Lists, to which I can then send out regular Quarterly Newsletters to the subscribers.

The Analytics LOOKS GREAT

But How do you create or send a NEWSLETTER to your WHOLE Listing!

I am not the FIRST to ask what is this doing…

Perhaps you NEED to clear this up

As from reading the COMMENTS it seems all this can do is send out emails to ONE user at a time.

I have Outlook that does that!

So HOPE you can see the Problem that STOPPING me BUY this!

speak soon

Communication part has to communicate with you for those entering the site, can send email through the to emails, can get subscription to your site with by subscription form

in localhost i don’t access to admin

The information you have entered is invalid ????

Admin information is the same, problem relates to localhost

Hi, how to integrate your plugin Newsletter to our site? in the footer as in Example can we have the list of features your plugin to the same function as mailchimp

Thank you

Hi, how to integrate your plugin Newsletter to our site? in the footer as in Example can we have the list of features your plugin to the same function as mailchimp

Thank you

server DNS address could not be found.

your demo is down. please check it and get back. thanks

Demo not working… :-(