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How can I translate the directory to another language?

at the moment this feature not available with our script.

Hi, great work, buying this script I get the clone of the examples too?, for example aliexpress clone

no.. in our demo we posted some samples of other clones. that’s all.

First of all listen, our script will work like hotscripts.com, clonescripts.com. that’s all.

Thanks for your understand.

Hi, what’s the difference between this script and your new PHP Social Dashboard?

Hi, we didn’t developed any script named “php social dashboard”.


excuse me, it was as a recomended at the end of your page.

good job ! wish you big sales ;)

Thank you :)

A really nice script is functional
If you add payment option payza
I want to place an order

It would be a good job if the language option was available if possible

I’m waiting an answer from you


contact us in skype to add more payment gateway in our script. our skype id: sangvishtech

it will be extra cost.



When person want to advertise for example on sidebar,then submitted ad is in pending mood in admin panel right?

note that feature already available in our script. check this page – http://demo.sangvish.com/clonescripts//ad-details/ad_details.php


You not understand what i want to say. I am talking about this: http://prnt.sc/d7jaw3 As you can see that is not a screenshot from web page,that is banner which visitor must upload and that banner is in pending mood in admin panel before he go live. You must make browse button to visitor can pick up from computer their banner 125X125 which will open in new tab when someone click on that banner.

ok I got it. right now website admin only can manage these type of ads from admin panel in our script as well as clonescripts.com

If you want, a form to upload sidebar widget ads mean we have to customize our script for you.

Add us in skype for more discussion. our skype id: sangvishtech

sory, to request more payment getways, you charge for that? this will limit your sale dear. You have to implement buyer futures request in new update, instead of sharging for that


We will add new features if that feature is common and requested by more than 5 peoples. if we develop specific feature for you mean we will charge for that.

may i know which payment gateway you want to integrate?


Is this a lame copy of CloneScripts.com? As I can see your design is copying from CloneScripts.com website but in a very poor way.

Congratulations! GoodLuck

hi i m interested in your script but Upload Image* function is not showing in demo

in demo we have disabled few features for security.

Hello, is it easy to me to change or modification like i wanna make this scripts an affiliate link from multi vendor ?

yes you can easily customize it. all vendors can use affiliate link for purchase URL.