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This is what I have been searching on the world to store INI settings (key -> value pair) in an efficient way. Thanks smart_techie. :)

Soon I’ll buy this one.

Glad I was of help, Thank you !

Hi. I like the idea behind this. I’ll buy it tomorrow. Thanks

Thank you..

bought as promised. Thanks

Thank you, I hope you found the script simple to use. Please rate the script too if you liked :)

Sorry for my missing knowledge but I couldnt understand exactly.

Can this class transform a mysql script to a flat file script? If yes… Revolutionary!!! And what I look for for a long while.

And if yes, how exactly (for an existing script). To catch sql queries and express them to ini files, where do we need to place it? A forward in db settings or need to place in every query code?

If you mixed up with my question, seems I’m in wrong place :)

This script stores settings either as a flat file or in a sql format. If you are looking for migrating from SQL to Flatfile in general, I’m afraid you are in the wrong place :)

Ah ok… Thanks for your reply :)