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It looks really nice… Good luck on sales and welcome to the Envato Marketplace! :)

- Mihir

Thank you very much.

What api do you use mysqli ?

Hi ggrande4,

This looks like a great product. I wonder if you could provide more details of the following in your documentation: 1. data table structure of the 3 tables, ie user, project and assignment 2. the structure of the relationship arrays


IT: La classe è spettacolare e fatta molto bene, mi dispiace solo notare che hai usato il metodo mysql che è datato, non più supportato ufficialmente e a rischio di SQL Injection, mentre un mysqli o PDO sarebbero stati di gran lunga più apprezzati.

EN: The class is awesome and very well done, I’m just sorry to notify that you used mysql method which is dated, unmaintained and at risk of SQL injection, while a mysqli or PDO would be far more appreciated.

i want to search data by criteria in 8 fieldname simultaneously on the same tabe. below is the details. cenglish, cmathematics, cinscience,cstudies (Should filter between A-C ) egrade1,egrade2,egrade3,egrade4 (Should filter between A-D ) all in one query