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Haha, sorry for all the guys who purchased this item, it’s only just released and it’s free!? That’s super unlucky.

Good item :)

Is this easily adaptable for use in non CodeIgniter environments?

Yes, the download includes two version of the file. “bitly_plugin” is the one you want for a standard php installatioin. The “bitly_helper.php” is more or less the same thing, but is formatted slightly differently for easier CodeIgniter integration. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other question. Thanks!

Complete and very useful plugin! Great idea and thanks for sharing :)


Nice file and I would have bought!!! Sorry!

I just need to know… how can this be used? what are good ways people are integrating URLs and QRCodes… I’ve seen them as barcode replacements, but am not sure what great things you could do with it.

Mostly QR codes are used for mobile phones right now. If a user want to visit a site of their phone, instead of typing it in the just scan the qr code and it opens the site.

How can I display the current page URL shortened link on your website?

Thank you very much for this item.

You’re welcome very much!

can you change out bit or to other short URL ?

Sorry no, this plugin only works with URL services.

Hey, you have coded amazing utilities. Are you going to “convert” them so that we could use as Wordpress plugins in the near future ? I think you have a big market to discover there !

Hey thanks! WordPress is powered by PHP , so you shouldn’t have any trouble using these plugins in your WordPress pages.

Has this item been updated at all in the past year? Does it still work?

demo down, and can this do bulk shortening?

Love this, works a treat! Thanks! :D