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Can you different colour variations?

When will you add females. It seems you would get a lot more sales if you add them. I will buy as soon as you do.

Come on you know you want too :-)

Just bought this.

I have a question about output of the generated image.

How can I create a single image file (like .JPG)? Thanks!

Please I still need this advice. If I click “Download images »” button it directs me to the file (in the browser), but I want to download. What to do? Thanks!


No please help me. I still need this function.

Im using my own assets – how can i change the size of the ‘generated avatar’ images?

Is there any other documentation about these files other than installation.txt?

I finally figured it out (by updating the ‘background_01.png’). But it still would be nice to have a little more documentation. Nice template for the price.

Hi can this script be used to make something like this for bolt making? (its not finished but its the idea) http://tornillo.com.mx/demo/index2.html or do you have anything like this that can be used instead? the one I sent is in flash and I need it on html or something mobile friendly :(

thanks :)

Still no update with Female avatars? Can you please tell us if or when you plan to add it, just so we know. You have a great product, but lacking these Female avatars to be complete … It kind of useless for most of us until you add it. So please reply and let us know what your plan is, okay…

i need the generated avatar sent to an email inbox how do i do this?

Just launched my Avatar Maker based on this template – http://www.cartooon.me/

I’ve been having a few issues connecting to Facebook, but should be working correctly now. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Hey, it’s looking great. :) I didn’t encounter any issues thank you.

Hi, I just purchased this after reading in the comments that you were including a female version “next month” Since there was an update I assumed this was included but I don’t see this.

Also your install instructions state to set the directory permissions at 777. This is REALLY bad form to do this. No good script will ever require 777 permissions.

when you get a chance, could you respond to the pm i sent you. Otherwise, has anyone else been able to get the images to download correctly after you click “download images”. The facebook works fine, but can’t figure out how to retrieve the generated avatar from the server to the computer. An empty file just downloads. Thanks for any responses.

Hallo, ich möchte die weiblichen Avatars von einem Designer schaffen lassen, und PSD-Dateien der männlichen Bilder wären von großer Hilfe. Könnten Sie sie bitte zur Verfügung stellen?

Geht leider nicht. Wie schon erwähnt: Die Datei ist nicht nur für web sondern auch für andere platformen geeignet.

Gut, ich akzeptiere den Preis. Wie führen wir es durch?

Wenn sie mir über den Kontaktformular rechts unten eine Mail schicken, dann kann ich ihnen meine E-Mail-Adresse für Paypal, oder Bank-Kontodaten senden. http://codecanyon.net/user/eneskul

are you still thinking about updating this cool piece of software?

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Rückantwort!

Hallo, habe leider keine Zeit für das Weiterentwickeln des Tools. Ich denke aber dass da in 1 bis 2 Monaten eine Update geben wird.

Gibts den neue Ideen für ein weiteres Update?

Hello, any news yet?


I have to do for a client, a configurator beds as in the example below (but without the price): http://www.unlimitedbybultex.com/configurateur.html

Is it possible to use your script to achieve a similar result? I wish especially to replace the current images from my own photos.

Thank you in advance for your reply, sorry for my bad english,



Anyone figure out the following problems: *Downloads empty zip file (no images inside) *Facebook integration error

Also, must the ‘avatar’ folder be manually emptied?

Thanks -

it says you created this page http://www.cartooon.me/... can we get a version of that page here? Your demo does not have females or skin color variations—please provide us with an update before purchasing. Thanks!

Ein GitHub Nutzer vertreibt Dein Script bei GitHub als seine Arbeit und mit dem Zusatz “Free Avatar Maker”. Ich hab es bei GitHub bereits gemeldet und hoffe, dass der … eine Anzeige bekommt. Link: https://github.com/mdaliakhtar/avatars

Grüssle :smile:

Someone is providing Your cool Avatar Maker as “Free” at GitHub :shocked: Thats a no go I think. Hope You cick him in the A.. Link: https://github.com/mdaliakhtar/avatars

demo is not working