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(pre sales question)

can you please confirm, this will work for Indian market (SMS GupShup ), please advise.


No, you can send sms to indian. numbers but gupshup is a separate api/gate which is not integrated with this script

I have (SMS GupShup) can this be integrated with this script? please confirm.

is there is any way I can use this (GupShup) with your app to send out scheduled SMS?

I don’t do integrations with GupShup sorry, if you want you can hire someone to get it done.

Is easy to add a new sms gateway? Is possible to translate?

It doesn’t have built in translation system. It’s easy to add new sms gateway indeed although you need to have coding knowledge.

I created a system that generates a csv file. 1) Is it possible for your system to consume this csv file? 2) What fields should be generated in csv and what order? 3) In case the text is larger than the maximum size of an sms, your system breaks more than one sms, cuts or does not send? Thank You.

My idea is not to interact, but only that the application consumes the resulting file in a directory.

No the app doesn’t consume CSV files from directories. You have to hit the upload form. If you’re a dev, you should be able to do that yourself.

Thank you for your feedback. Is possible to create a cron job to do this? Maybe including your libraries to do.

CronJob-> Execute: MyPersonalSender.php

MyPersonalSender.php : // Content example



Something like this….

I am a developer and would like to integrate into my system that already exists to give this option to my clients. After integrating your application with ours, can we distribute it in an integrated way to ours?

With an extended license.

easy to adjust with your own code. contact after purchase with ftp info.

Cant access your demo

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve upgraded to php 7 and I’ll look into it.

No demo? I was wondering if I can schedule sms messages to everyone and to groups? For example, I want to send a certain group scheduled sms messages and another group other sms messages. Is this possible? TY

Hi there,

This doesn’t work with php7 so my VPS was just recently upgraded. You cannot send to groups (unless you manually add each schedule) however this is an amazing upgrade idea along with php7 compatibility.

ok, good luck with the upgrade :)

I need my demo

This item is in the process of adjusting to make it work with php7

Is it possible to send auto sms every month at a predefined date and time to individual customer?

Recurring SMS is not possible. Sorry

Hi, I wanted to know if a user gives me their birthday is it any way to possibly automate the happy birthday message to each user who does.

Hi there,

Yes it is possible to schedule an SMS to send for his birthday (once). If you just want to enter month & day only and each year to automatically send contact me for a pricing on this feature. (via my profile page form)

Birthdays are very good way to retain customers as you show care to them.


I have an store that runs as (multi-vendors) for home & interior decor, the store has 3 section: 1- for me as super admin 2- for the vendor 3- the vendor who sell design service

I would like to insure that your plugin would help in such job, notify me as a super admin with each new order, notify the vendor for each new order and notify the designer who could able to design interior decors with each new order.

Hi there, no this does not communicate with your store, what you want is an sms notification.

I’m assuming this script is working like a charm, which is the reason there has not been any recent updates?

You are 100% correct , all my items are in fully and perfectly working condition

I’m assuming this script is working like a charm, which is the reason there has not been any recent updates?

Hello there,

We have a different Sms company that we deal with. We also have an API cast. Can we integrate this writing into our own sms API system?

Hello. Yes indeed as long as you have the skills.

Hello, I understood very well, your script not for me. I requested to you for the refund but still waiting for that. Please answer me.

Hey.. i saw showing “phone no is too long” But question is how it’s automatic add “0” before numbers. Its not added by clickatell. its added by app. Please try to send some sms.

No problem, just updated – please redownload and follow instructions written in item description -> Updates log section. (ie just replace mass-sms.php with the newly downloaded one)