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Try Demo Script – a real-life application powered by PHP Auto Update Script. We created it to show you how easy it is to integrate PHP Auto Update Script into any PHP-based script.


No manual download needed! Just click Maintenance > Software Updates and apply this update!

## Version: 1.6 ##
## Release Date: 2019-01-14 ##
## Changelog: ##
Added: option to change licensed IP address of PHP Auto Update Script via administration dashboard;
Added: option to set custom connection timeout interval for updates engine;
Added: additional directory permissions check before updates engine is executed;
Added: debug notification for situations when script's directory is not writable;
Added: additional confirmation checkbox to uninstall license;
Added: additional fields in administrator profile;
Added: option to search for banned hosts using all-in-one or API search;
Added: option to search for versions by comments;
Added: custom date ranges for callback, cracking, system and update reports;
Changed: callback, cracking, system and update reports display exact timestamp instead of date;
Updated: automatic updates engine (user module);
Updated: administrator login and session monitoring module;
Updated: automatic updates configuration file generator;
Updated: reports module;
Updated: mailer module;
Updated: password strength module;
Updated: password recovery module;
Updated: password reset module;
Updated: API;
Updated: Help section;
Updated: documentation;
Updated: administration dashboard JavaScript and CSS code;
Updated: mobile search module;
Updated: Bootstrap library to version 3.4.0;
Updated: FontAwesome plugin to version 5.6.3;
Updated: Inputmask plugin to version 5.0.0-beta.93;
Updated: Twig templating engine to version 1.37.0;
Fixed: duplicated update reports when Smart Reports are disabled;
Improved: compatibility with PHP 7.3;
Improved: compatibility with load balancers and reverse proxies;


PHP Auto Update Script is a customizable PHP self-update system to automatically install and update PHP scripts and databases in background. Use it to add version check features into your applications, create online installers, upgrade and downgrade current installations, setup databases, and more.

PHP Auto Update Script downloads and installs a desired version of specified application on user’s machine and keeps it up to date. Installation and upgrade packages are stored separately; therefore, user receives updates faster by downloading only new files he needs.

Each product supports an unlimited number of versions and files. Meanwhile, each version can auto-expire after a specific date or a particular number of downloads. Thorough, real-time reports and callbacks let developers track every single copy installed.

PHP self-update script takes minutes to setup and supports all PHP frameworks, encoders, accelerators and templating engines.

The main PHP auto update system features include, but are not limited, to:

  • Invisible, automatic background updates;
  • Smooth integration into any PHP-based script;
  • PHP encoders, accelerators and templates support;
  • Unlimited products, versions and files;
  • Separate installation and upgrade packages;
  • Separate MySQL installation and upgrade queries;
  • Active versions limit for each product;
  • Individual version expiration dates;
  • Installation and upgrade limits;
  • Precise product installation lists;
  • Installation and upgrade callbacks;
  • Thorough, real-time reports;
  • Detailed changelogs and release notes;
  • Custom notifications in your language;
  • Updates verification and users blocking;
  • Built-in API for complete automation;
  • Bundled demo script and code examples;
  • Auto PHP Licenser integration ready;

Not sure if PHP Auto Update Script suits all your needs? See frequently asked questions for even more features and real-life examples!

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