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Hello, how I can customize the script while clicking the images open in a modal ? Kind regards

I don’t understand your question. Can you clarify more? Can you go to my profile page, and shoot me an email. Thanks!

Hello, Would it be easy to integrate basic search and photo captions?

I think you can use this library to build search

can you add descriptions to the photos ?

Yes, you can. Please read the documentation included in download file.

Dear khanhtruong, Thank you for nice program for me. How can I change the directory of image files, for example, I need to change “http://root/xx” for image files but you program is located at “http://root/yy/index.php”.

Please explain to my email.

Thank you


Thnak you for your Answer. The directory below located your program(PHP Auto Gellary) is possible to access but the directory above located your program cannot be accessed.

For example; your program located in “http://root/xxx”

This following case can access "http://root/xxx/path_to_your_gallery";
$php_gallery = new PHP_Gallery(’./path_to_your_gallery/’);

The above is POSSIBLE but problem is BELOW;

Your program located in “http://root/xxx”

But I need to access another directory; “http://root/yyy”

$php_gallery = new PHP_Gallery(’../yyy/’);

This is cannot be;

Please help me about this. Thank you for reading this.


And Another one more question;

When I click the IMAGE, it shows big original image, at the same time it shows “UNTITLED”, how can I remove this “UNTITLED” or how can I put and cange the FILE NAME LOADED in stead of “UNTITLED”.

Do you make it run with your location? For the untitled, my library read exif data, so you can change it by update exif data. E.g, if you upload your photo to the following URL, it will show exif data.