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I get it; fantastic script 5 stars!

Thanks for your support!

Email me when you’ve added pagination and a rating system to this ;D

Demo isn’t working :(

Sorry about that my host is temporarily switching servers.

Such a cute script.. loving it :) as soon as captcha comes.. i will be happier..

Btw.. one issue came up. When on ask.php i am only getting “General” as the category.. I did add a new category and updated list.php as well. What could be wrong?

Demo is still not working!

Restores are about 80% done, should be done within the next 24-48 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi! Nice Script, i realy love it! Is it possible to search all categorys at the same time? Sorry for my bad english…

Hello…... i have still the same problem! I have emailed you but nothing… please can some one help me? i need a searchfunction for all categorys and not only one category.

11 days ago and NO help :/

I’m on vacation and I’m not obliged to help you. Please find support elsewhere for the time being.

Hi Live Preview not working – can you sort and let me know – I’d like to look at and then purchase this script

Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. My host’s entire server has crashed after a recent update to their hardware.. I’ll do my best to transfer the data over to a new server. Check back in the next 24 hours!

I’d love to preview this script, the screenshots look cool. But the Live Preview doesn’t work for me.

I purchased this but when i go to the admin panel and log in nothing happened. It logs me in and brings me to a blank screen???

Got this item yesterday, got quite a few errors and weird output – saw you are using short open tags.

Just a minor note, not all hosts have this enabled, thus it breaks. Currently fixing the areas where short open tags are used, other than that… thumbs up for a really cool script ;)

Oh of course, I’ve since stopped that habit. :P I’ll update asap. Thanks!

how does it storage the data? mysql? other?

Is there a pagination?

No sorry, no pagination. Wouldn’t be too difficult to implement though if you needed to.

any updates? like new template and arrangement? and if we ask it will be posted to facebook and (or) twitter?

Hello … sorry I just do not understand the English :) ( this translation ) -

I want to know What is the difference between the product of the $ 5 and $ 25 the product
So because I liked its editor Because it is a complex

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Hi, demo not works.