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I need to upload videos (which means big files) Will this module allow me to do so ? thanks in advance…

Yes ,you just need to define/specify allowed extensions of the files.

hi – great work . nice to see something work in so many browsers.

i just get the message ” the uploadprogress extension is not installed “

any idea how to get rid of this? thanks : )

this works in firefox on ubuntu great . but not opera ubuntu Version 12.16 Build 1860 “Token validation was not successful”.

The upload folder for some reason is displayed in the html source. when clicking right in the browser. Even if i delete that entry jquery brings it back when I load the page.

Why show the upload folder location to any visitor of the page that knows how to right click and view the html?

You may contact our Support Center: and show them this issue online. Also displaying upload folder is just for demo, you may remove it.

Hi !

Is there an easy way to define and validate (and restrict) the overall uploaded data, not just the size of each single file?

Thanks a lot ! Arno.

Thanks! Could you please tell me how to to that. Do I need to write a new javascript code for that? Thanks.Arno.

We’ll add your request to he next version.

Unfortunately it didn’t work straight out of the box so to speak, installation instructions aren’t correct for stage 1.

Even though you can drag and drop, it’s one file at a time, what I’m looking for is selection of a group of files and dropping them on the add button.

The button positions are inconvenient, they disappear when the number of files exceeds one screenful, it would be better to have the buttons at the top of the screen and the filename to be added below, that would make better sense.

Apart from that it’s a nice little application – I paid 6 times more for an application to do the same job which doesn’t work!

thanks – your comments were added to our TODO list.

I’m thinking about buying but I am wondering if it’s compatible with Laravel built social networks. I am running Crea8social atm and his software has “0” uploading visibility. One reason why I landed here. I am wondering if this would display when crea8social uploads. His software is all PHOTOs.

It’s 100% open source and compatible with any other scripts.

ownload the show with different styles?

Please expalin what exactly do you mean?