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nice forms good luck with sales.

thank you

hi i am willing to purchase this script but there is no profile page where you can talk to your friends similar to bebo or facebook is there any chance you could help me build that aswell?

Hi. There is no user profile page. You need to create own profile page and after user logged you can redirect the page to user profile page.

good luck anway with the sales if you can help me please try

What king of help do you want from me

Awesome script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you

nice forms, thanks :)


can i use this in code igniter framework…?

I didnt use codeigniter framework in this project . But if you want you can edit it using codeigniter framework

Hello, got the login program and includes on my site, but this not working correctly login and registration. The website is with htacess and published in the ROOT of the website.

follow the link test> http://www.saudesem.com/login


I did the checks, the database is Ok and applied all the rules of your system, but does not register and does not log in your MANUAL is not the password of the first user and how to give a DEBUG see why the AJAX does not send the form. Grateful.

if you give me your cpanel (hosting) informations I can check it for you. You can send this informations to my e-mail (caglarartar@gmail.com)

Hi good afternoon, I do not want facebook or twitter, and not let me in the index.php, what can I do?

Warning: Unexpected character in input: ’\’ (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/consul2/public_html/login/config.php on line 19

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/consul2/public_html/login/config.php on line 19

Thank you.

Where do you run this application on localhost or on host. Let me look to work. send me the files to my e-mail(caglarartar@gmail.com). I’ll check it for you.

I have done everything to edit file and followed manual. But how do I make it work, link up html to other pages?

Great plugin good luck with sales

hey man i can follow the steps up to page 18# of the user manual … just my luck! Combined with lack of knowledge … help !

hey dude any chance of a refund! i downloaded this over a week ago and expressed that I needed help on the first step, as I have not been able to communicate with you I have purchased another package. please let me know about the refund -ryan