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Any chance you can post an example of how one of the classes work?

Sure. I added some examples of each class method in a new preview:

Hope this helps you.

Looks useful.

Can’t you put some inputs etc for us to test it? I really would like to try it out in action.

Phone validation differs for every country. Is there anyway to set it up on the fly (like a constructor for phone validation, or some settings for it) ?

  • Country codes are 1 – 4 digits.
  • City (area) codes are from 1 – 4 digits.
  • Phone numbers are 5 – 9 digits.
(Please correct me if I’m wrong. I have seen such numbers so far)

If we can set such limits, your class won’t be limited to only specific countries for phone validation.

I would like to wait for update. I was planning to improve my validation class (so far my validation class is covering everything already). If you will update it any soon I would like to purchase yours and give it a try. That will save me some time for sure (:

It is a class which every PHP developer should have. If you improve it well and add more features in it, I am sure you will have more sales.

Good luck with the sales Sourcegeek.

Ok. I will add later the option to make a big update.

Note that if you will sell your validation class and you want to include my code (total or partial) in yours, you need to buy the Extended License.

Thank you

I will be waiting. Thank you.

Rules a side, I am also a web developer. I wouldn’t like anyone to steal my work. I can understand you. I am not planing to sell anything here yet. I don’t have time to give support so why to bother (:


I use your function to replace a word.

That functions correctly. :)

But, it would be possible to only substitute a whole word ?

Currently, the function replaces “sub” :

$replacer [“sub”] = “sub”;

but also “substitute” by “substitute”.

I would like to replace only “sub” and not “substitute”.

Do you think that it is possible to find a solution?



Hello, sorry the long wait.
Please enter to my CodeCanyon profile, send me an e-mail in the form there and I will help you.

Thank you

UP ! :(

Your comment has been attended :)


Did you receive my email ?

Thanks again!


Yes, I did. Sorry for the long wait, I sent you the solution :)

UP ! :(

Solution sent :)

I have just purchased your script because I wanted it mainly for date validation but it don’t work properly. When you you enter 31/2/2000 it tells you bool(true). February will never have 31 days. I am pretty disappointed :( .