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Hello, you have a guide to installing

Hi Artadvert! Yes, the guide is inside the package, also video instruction too.

Enter your app’s bundle ID?

No, you need to make your own. bundle id in a demo is in use, and will not allow publishing using it.

hello is there an admin panel that comes with this package that I will be able to control users? If so can you send me the package with both the ios and android platforms. Thanks

Hi, Wanesworld! Google Firebase is using as admin panel and can be used to control users and database. To find out more about it, please follow this link: http://firebase.google.com. If you interested in both app please add this and Android: https://codecanyon.net/item/instagram-template-with-firebase-admob-pushnotifications/20022803 to your cart. Cheers!

trying to install for a friend and it wont get past welcome page

Please, contact me directly with screenshots of your Firebase Console (Auth Methods page). Thanks

Hi, please check your email.

downloaded free version and it wont go past welcome page

Hi, Trappat, please check the previous commend. Cheers!

hi, can you add time_ago new version? :)

Hi, Shin! Yes, you can! There is some coding required, but I can recommend using https://github.com/MatthewYork/DateTools library (via Cocoapod). Or contact me for more details or customization. Cheers!

is there any way to execute embed code to make a live comment/post stream under a website?

HI, Shuvo! That’s possible, you can check the firebase console, web API also available. https://firebase.google.com/docs/web/setup

nice app



I’ve dedicated servers. So can I use my own host and how ?


Hi! Firebase has only cloud-service and not allow to host it on own servers. If you don’t want to use it, you need to modify app to communicate with your server

Any updates for my problems?

Hi Trappat. Please check your email. The answer was sent 5 days ago. Cheers


tl3308 Purchased

There is a minor question that when i try to install the pod file copied from your project to other folder, it downloaded Firebase 4.0 etc, which are the latest versions. however when i pod install in your project it only download Firebase 3.6

I would like to know why it happens. Thanks!

Hi, Sir. You need to check dependencies there, as I’m using FirebaseUI that probably have compatibility with firebase 3.x. You can try to change the FirebaseUI version in a pod, but probably some changes in code are required. If you have more question please let me know and leave a review, please. Cheers!