Discussion on Instagram App iOS Template + Web, Firebase (Photo&Video)

Discussion on Instagram App iOS Template + Web, Firebase (Photo&Video)

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Hi, please can you answer the below?

1) What sign up options does the app have? Apple Login? 2) Does the user have rights to delete there account from the app? 3) When signing up does the user agree to any policies EULA etc? 4) Any functions for reporting users 5) Any functions for blocking users

1. You can enabled Apple login (using FirebaseUI), the steps described in Guide 2. User can report post/account, and as owner account can be deleted/disabled account from Firebase Console 3. When user sign up, there is text that you agree to policy when you press ‘Sign up’ button 4. Reporting function present in the app 5. Yes,once someone report user you will get email (you need to provide email in the app) so you can to disable/delete account from Firebase Console

is it template or full app ?

This is full app that you can customise, connect to your firebase account and publish on store as your own.

You can check android version (with apk) or video. Apple not allowed to share ipa around Appstore

Hello. Is it possible to install it to work with my current php/mysql social network?

Hey. Application build to be used with Firebase SDK, but you will get full source code of the app and free to change it.

It possible to create group which can be join by anyone? (Like Universal group, No invitation required. Anyone can join it)

This product support only direct messages between 2 users. If you looking for an app with group chat, feel free to check Messanger App

Hi there! How can we replace the “Mustage” logo appearing everytime on the launch screen when you try to open your app coming from totally closing/swiping them up?

Hey. you can replace the logo image with your own in Assets. You can also check the quick tutorial how to change name and app image:

Yes thanks but I was already able to change that. Unfortunately I’m referring to the little mustache graphic that appears every time at the beginning once you close the app and open it for the first time.

sure, in understand. To remove that logo you can just remove that image from the LaunchScreen.storyboard, like it shown here:

Interested in purchasing. Just a few questions: Do you know the success rate of acceptance by the App Store? Do you have an example that is listed in the North American App Store? I need a basic application with few features, will I be able to disable some of the features offered?

You can find apps published on Appstore on the product page. The application allows to report the content and block a user that one of the required functions by apple reviewers, but keep in mind you need to react to these reports by yourself.

As you getting full source code you will be able to remove functionality you don’t need.

Good luck with your sales


I spent forever trying to find out why appdelegate on line 32 throws an error – Type of expression is ambiguous without more context Swift – Functions installed, db is ready, plist is in place and all admoib and facebook etc google creds are set. When compiling it always breaks there. I cant see what is wrong with the way you declared it. Please assist.

I did reply but when you found out who i am you stopped replying. I am accelerating this to a legal issue now because I need to know why.

Hey. I was off for few days, so can’t reply. Please check this item for implementing content filtering: (this script will find any abusive content and blur it automatically)

I have not been able to fix errors and run this code since purchase. I would like a refund ASAP.

hey. Can you please send me a message directly so I can help you resolve yoursissues? 16 days ago you texted me when your issue resolved and it working for you now.

Hi, We’re getting emails from firebase saying:

We’ve detected the following issue(s) with your security rules: any logged-in user can read your entire database any logged-in user can write to your entire database

How can we resolve this? thanks!

Hi. This is warning coming from Firebase when not all fields are closed. There is database-rules.json in package to sort out the rules presented that open access only for registered users, so you can ignore this message.

Hello my dear, you still supporting this? can I buy without problem? everything working?

Thanks! also you provide custom work?, verified user badge, in app purchase for remove ad; and any point system if i buy extended license?

Please text me directly via profile page.


Hello. I get many errors when trying to compile. Ive sent an email with a screenshot of the errors. Please help.

Ok, I’ll try that way and let you know if it still doesn’t work, Thanks!

It’s working now. Thanks. Will this be update anytime soon? Looks dated and hasn’t been updated in around 7 months.

Hey. Yes, update is coming, follow me on Codecanyon to get updates

This question refers to the share function. When I use the share button on a photo to share to Facebook, the picture pops up on Facebook with a url that is linked to the media from firebase. Its suppose to show a url that links back to the app?

Hey! The link can’t be linked to the app as it requires a deep-link to be set up before (I’m talking about this with a custom domain. So currently you can share links to media directly as it is simpler to implement and easier to change. Feel free to reach me if you need this custom development.

What kind of customization can you offer me?

Hey. I’ve got your email, will reply there. Happy New Year!

Please update to xcode 12.3 and m1 silicon mac support.

hey! Thanks for comment. You can already open on latest xcode, no updates required. As for m1 support it needed for mac apps only, iOS application works same way.

Hi just purchased, and setup the firebase in my account all functionality work fine but feed listing is not woking can you please tell what the issues in same . post created successfully and listed in firebase database but not showing in application and post count showing 0 in profile page

Thank you for your comment. Did you check the FAQ section of documentation? Most of the reason this happens when your cloud function not deployed correctly. Firebase recently changed a policy and you need to update your plan to Blaze in order to use cloud functions. Please, have a try and text me directly if you still facing same issue.

Hello I’m facing issues with push notification if I’m sending message to one user it’ll broadcast to multiple user can you please help me how to resolve the same issues

Hey. If you willing to send a direct message to the user you need to find the user-id in database and then use is as a topic, for example: topic-<userid> like here

Hey. Be sure to open Project.xcworkspace (not Project.xcodeproj). Also check the documentation to run $pod install in project folder. Also please check the video here:

Need host server or just firebase is enough (

hey. Firebase is a host for the web and only you need to start.

Hi, 2 questions: 1) is there another live version of the app running that I can download to test? Hugs was last updated 6 months ago so I want to see if any improvements were made. 2) when someone makes a post with a description, is the only way to view the description/caption is to click the comments icon?

Welcome. Answering your questions: 1. You can check newest updated Smile app 2. The description works the same way as Instagram and displaying the last comment. Basically, when you leave a comment it will be displayed under the story.

ok thanks, to add to the 2nd point, what is the max characters you can post in the description of a post? Can you set it to lets say 5000 chars and have it scrollable?

Hey. There is no limitation for description length, post will resized automatically (no scrolling).

So I installed all correctly until I got to the part where you say “Cocoapods – needed to keep updated project libraries” so I installed pods and now when I try to test run on iPhone 11 in xCode I get 2 errors.

‘FirebaseCore/FirebaseCore.h’ file not found Could not build Objective-C module ‘Firebase’

Any ideas on why this is happening?

Hey. Can you please check if you have your cloud functions deployed correctly. In Documentation/index.html find FAQ section and follow steps how to check this. Feel free to text me directly if you still have issue:

Sent you mail

Hey. Sure, will reply shortly


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