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Hi There,
Pre purchaser here
I don’t understand if the user can actually create their own video out of other videos and then share the outcome? Here I mean, I’ll upload 3 images – make it a GIF, or upload many videos and combine into one :)
Or it’s more like a social network for videos?

Hi Lateralus578 and welcome! Can you explain your question? The product is social network aka Instagram, that you can build. The mechanism for creating videos can be added as you have the full source code – but current functionality is not included in the product. Please read a description to find out more.


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Last login: Sun Dec 11 13:37:05 on ttys000 rul1s-Mac:~ rul1$ cd /Users/rul1/Desktop/Main\ File/iPhone rul1s-Mac:iPhone rul1$ pod install -bash: pod: command not found rul1s-Mac:iPhone rul1$

who i can insall ??


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Was conducted in the same steps and the client has successfully But after the lifting of the application to the Apple Store in the program it has been rejected Facility in lifting the reason for the link Please update


Ok, I see. Please, try to upload the app again. Once (with other app) I had this problem, but when I unload again, everyone pass. Not sure, but this could be a problem on Apple side. If this happened again, let me know. (please contact with me directly by email from profile tab) so I can react quicker.


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I have Firebase configured properly but anytime a select an image to upload I get an error that states “Can’t upload now. Please try again later” xcode outputs: 2016-12-15 20:38:26.160196 Mustage10838:5219614 Creating an image format with an unknown type is an error. Any ideas?


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NM- Fixed the issue. Not sure if everything just wasn’t provisioned yet or what, but it’s working now.

Hi Iseehow. Thanks for let me know! :) Happy using!

Hey. Are you releasing the android version yet?

Hi, Schonmc! Thanks for ask. I have been working on my new template that other asked me to do https://codecanyon.net/item/messanger-starter-template-firebase-admob-ios/19619136. The project is already started so Android is coming. Please send me email so I can inform you as soon as it will be ready.

Here is my email : tajikbook@asia.com. thank you

How long should i be expecting this?

Hi. Can I make this app works personally. No social network or follow users. Only works privately for the user. How much work it must be done to include Firebase Invite – Firebase Remote Config

Hi! You can follow instruction on Firebase about rules (that’s will allow to to make content private for users). Also Firebase Invite, Remote Config comes from Firebase SDK that included in project, just follow this tutorial – https://firebase.google.com/docs/invites/


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How can I go to other user’s profiles?

please check your email :)

I don’t know if my emails are reaching you, but yes i would like a little coding assistance if possible for the ‘other user profile’.

Yes! I will reply asap

Hi just a quick one- I am getting invalid API key on preview when I try to input a new user/registration. Sure it’s a simple solution but do not want to cause any issues with the code

Please, follow the tutorial. If you get invalid API key, that means you miss updating .plist file or skip one of the steps. Let me know if you keep having the same problem, and I will help.

Hello, can I hire you to do install/customization?

hi Maziovideo! Please email me from a profile page, we can discuss this.

Hi there, This app is really interesting, Im going to purchase it. But I still have some questions for clarification: 1. Does it support all devices (iPhone and iPad)? 2. Does it work on iOS 10? 3. Is it written by Objective-C?

Hi, nhodesogner! Let me answer your questions: 1. The app is written for iPhone but can be launch on iPad version too with scaled mode (set the build to Universal) 2. The template has been tested on ios 10.+ and works fine 3. I used the latest Swift 3.0 language that gives more performance and stable builds. Hope I answered your questions. Let me know if you have others. Have a good day, Sir!


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No such moduls ‘SDWebImage’ I updated the pods and I see the folder what could the prob

Please, check your email. I did reply about this.

i was able to get it to run thank you works perfect just tying to merge this with your other app now

awesome! Let me know if you have a question, I’m happy to help.

how to add both camera and photo library options for new uploads?

Hi, Xtensiveart! In the documentation, you can find the explanation how to switch to Camera. But if you want to use both you need to add an extra step (Screen or Action Sheet) with options ‘Camera’ – ‘Library’. This selector is not implemented in the app, so it should be a developer by you. Let me know if you have more question. If you want to ask me to customize, message me and we can discuss this.