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Hello, is it possible to buy with no firebase configuration? because i have my Digital ocean server? thanks

Hi, MasJZ! The app is built for Firebase API, but you can use it to customize and connect to your own server. But as I know, Firebase provide only cloud based server hosted on Google. If you need to build own server please contact me directly we can discuss this. Cheers!

Hello, just purchased your code package. I have everything setup correctly and the app is functioning almost as expected. However, when I upload a video, I can see it there, but it does not play. I’ve tried waiting for enough time to let it “load” but nothing ever happens. Can you please let me know if this is a bug?

Even when tapping onto the video post from the User’s profile page does not load and play the video. Tapping the video only toggles the mute and unmute icon, but nothing plays. No video or audio.

Hi, Ronnie. I got your email and will reply there. If I can reproduce the bug new update will arrive soon :)

Hello again, the project says it can send push notifications but I don’t see where the code is to handle this. Can you please help me figure out how and when notifications are triggered and sent?

Hi Ronnie! To send push notification you can use FirebaseConsole => Push Notifications => Send Message. Please, don’t forget to upload certificates. To send push notification from code, there some cloud function code required. Feel free to contact me if you have question.

Hi, video does not play… how can i proceed to get support on this? Thank you

Hi, Medeo! Thanks for the question. I found this bug exist in 1.8, the latest version of the template, and a new update 1.8.1 is waiting to be approved by Codecanyon (1-3 days). If this urgent for you, please contact me directly and I will send you patch. Best regards!


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Hi There, Im facing error with the pods, Can you please support:

diff: /Podfile.lock: No such file or directory diff: /Manifest.lock: No such file or directory error: The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run ‘pod install’ or update your CocoaPods installation.

you need to run setup.sh script from command line in root folder. Please, follow the documentation. If you still have a question left me know in email.


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Honestly I can’t understand nothing from the file $ sh setup.sh I don’t know how the other customers did the setup from the document you provided!!! it shows nothing helpful…. Sorry for the comment but its like that.. And most of your replies are ( Please, follow the documentation) !!!!

I answered your email. Please, check your inbox.

Tried the demo … Got a few issues. 1. The phioto uploaded is really low res … It looks so ugly. But I see others seem OK? Maybe because my camera is too low end. Still, I don’t have issue send pictures everywhere, except on Mustage. 2. I don’t see anyway to share media from gallery or URL ..3. I don’t there is a way to members stream … The experience I have on the demo is like Ghost Town? Am I missing something here?

Hi, let me answer your questions: 1. Photo quality can be changed in Config file. I’m using 50% quality to decrease file size. 2. Under every story there is the button for sharing. Currently you can share the image or video file using app that currently installed. 3. Current app is demo, and not published on store. And can be used as started app. To check user stories you need to start follow others. Let me know if you have more questions


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Is it possible to run this app without Cocoapods? Thanks

hi! It possible but not recommended as need some actions to connect libraries to application to build. Most of the libraries are from Firebase that can be found on official website.

Can I run YouTube or Vimeo url? If possible, click the url to go to the link and run it? Or paste the url to see the video directly?

Hi Sir! Currently, there is no option to play Youtube/Vimeo videos as requires implementation of their SDK’s. But can be opened with click directly on the website or installed app. Feel free to email me if you need help. Regards

If so, would you like to create a url address in a post and click on it to open an external browser window?

020music, if you just need to add opening URL while clicking on a story, I can share the snippet that you can use. Just drop me an email (you can email me from my profile page here)

hello, i dont know how to code. i have installed xcode and cocoapods and all that but what do i do now? how do i start? thanks.

Hi Kursk! Thank you for using the template. You can find all information about setup and how to compile the app in documentation. Also how to upload it to AppStore

this is so complicated I have spent days trying to setup my app but i cant i keep getting too many errors in xcode can you please set it up for me or something this is seriously frustrating

Hi Kuruko! Sorry to hear that, as I’m trying to make the template as simple as possible. Can you, please, drop me an email (you can send me a message via profile) I’ll help you out. Regards

Hi, will you update the app so that it works on the latest Version of Swift 4, iOS 11 and Firebase ?

Thanks Criss

Hey! The template is already supporting Swift 4, iOS 11 and newest Firebase 4. Regards

I am interested in buying

Existing update XCode 8

Latest XCode 8 Support iOS 9 and 10 Swift 3.0 ready

Do you support this version

Latest XCode 9 Support iOS 11 Swift 4

If supported Swift4 and iOS 11 will be purchased directly

Hi Sir! Yes, in the 2.0.0 (current latest version), the app is supporting Xcode9 (Swift4), iOS11 and latest Firebase SDK. Regards

Good afternoon, I want to just get the code to send and view the photos sent to Firebase by a user. Can I remove this part of the code and put it in my App I already have? Because I need this functionality and I’m not able to develop. I’m developing on Swift 4, with Xcode 9.Thank you

Hi Afontolan! You can copy the code from the template, as the bundle contains source code and documentation. Can you be more clear about what functionality you want to use?

I wish to upload the images, and mount the grid with the images saved in the firebase only.

The functionality you want to use is quite simple. Don’t think you need to purchase the whole template for this. Check this link https://firebase.google.com/docs/storage/ios/upload-files . If you have a question you can email me directly via profile page. Cheers


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Hello, I had some errors on running of setup file, project is now built but it seems nothing can be uploaded. I believe everything is configured correctly in Firebase however due to errors during setup I cannot be sure of that. Can you email me directly to help support I’d actually like to integrate this into an existing app and would need some assistance. Thank you.

Hello Sir. As problem-related to uploading, probably you have to enable Firebase Database and Storage by going to Firebase Console, and press button ‘Enable’ for both, as by default they are not. Feel free to contact me via the profile (on Codecanyon) so we I can help you further.

Good afternoon, Could you help me by telling me what part of the code, or a new code, so that I can set up an automatic image grid, with the images that I saved automatically in Firebase, I was able to manually do image by image, but I want this grid to be automatically mounted with all images, and updated automatically as well. If anyone can help me please. Thank you

Hi Afontolan, Firebase as does not provide the API to list all images you stored on Firebase Storage. Maybe this article could help you: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37335102/how-to-get-an-array-with-all-pictures, hope it helps.

The way how you could manage this, using Cloud Function to automatically add a record to Database when new image uploaded.