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Getting error upon build. Showing Recent Issues diff: /Podfile.lock: No such file or directory diff: /Manifest.lock: No such file or directory error: The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run ‘pod install’ or update your CocoaPods installation.

Can you help me fix please

Tried “pod install / project directory” But still build failed on xcode. Could we TeamView to get this installed?

Got it to work thanks

Hi! Glad you have your problem solved. If you still have any question, do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers

Im not getting sign in screen when first open app. This means that when I register and log out it doesn’t give me option to log in using user and password already created. I get blank screen only with register options at bottom.

Hi! There is no separation between login and signup, just if the username exists in the system it shows login if not gives you the option to register an account. The login window can be customized while following this instruction https://github.com/firebase/FirebaseUI-iOS/tree/master/FirebaseAuthUI#customizing-firebaseui-for-authentication

In order to change login position, you can find that view in subviews collection, or create CustomAuthPickerViewController.


Thanks for the information.

Happy to help :) Feel free to review the app in Download section ;)

Just received an email from Google saying we would need to update the API’s to version 1.0. Will you be updating the source code for this? Or is this update not necessary for app to run?


Thank you! Would there be a way for you to send me files that have changes in them because I already made some modifications to the app. This way I can just replace files instead of whole source code.

when you receive notification about the update, just need to copy /Cloud folder, no more. regards


Having issues when using sign in for Facebook or Google I get message “Mustage” wants to use “facebook.com” to sign in. This allows the app and website to share information about you.

1.- How can I change the “Mustage” to read my apps name?. 2.- When you log in to FB you get message from “Badroid Labs” that your FB information will be sent to them and not me (Also I don’t get any information in FireBase Console when user logs in using FB or Google. 3.- FB, Google & Twitter LogIn sends you back to LogIn screen and doesn’t give you access to app.

Googled most of it. To be honest documentation is missing lots of setup, for someone thats new to programming I had to Google lots of things. As a friendly tip you should probable explain more in docs.

Thanks for the feedback! Hope that fine if I email you with the question what should be improved.

Glad I could help

Have one more question. When a user registers and starts using app will he/she see every post by everyone? Or will user only see posts made by users he/she follows?

Ok because currently I’m making test on ios simulator and created 3 users to upload images (all users are not following anyone) and every time I run emulator I see all posts from everyone, even though I’m not following.

Hello. Can you help me with this? Thanks

Hey I did reply to your email. Please, have a look.

Camera source for uploading pictures crashes on emulator, is this just emulator issue and will work on physical iPhone?

Found 2 errors: 1.- Camera source for uploading pictures crashes app. (Like I mentioned before) 2.- Users see all posts and not just for users they follow.

Can you help me troubleshoot.

Hey, I will reply to your email. Sorry for delays.

Its there a Installation Service ? and what cost it ?

Hi. Yes, I’m helping with customization and deploying the app. Please contact me for details. https://01egme.weebly.com/contact


AF1 Purchased

Hi. It took me a while to install this. The setup shell script helps but don’t count only on that.

The app DOESN’T perform as described (gmail integration does not work, messages do not appear even if they get saved in the Firebase database, tapping home twice will crash the app etc), which is a pity because I can see Oleg has put a lot of development into something that otherwise has a lot of value for the price offered.

My recommendations: 1. improve the installation process; 2. run limit and failover tests (most errors are expedited in the code with a ‘try later’ message – really? :)) and 3. document and comment the code so we can wade our ways around it (use pragma marks, comment ‘obvious’ functions, etc. – code for outsourcing is written differently than code for yourself.

Also: don’t necessarily add more features, but integrate and perfect the existing ones so they would run out of the box. This will bring many more people to buy the template.