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very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales :)

I can’t install the plugin. I installed Gmedia Gallery first thinking that maybe it is required and then tried uploading, but same error:

> The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

I am running WP 4.3.1

Hello again, sorry to bother you one more time but I’ve decided to change themes so I bought a new one (http://codecanyon.net/item/explicit-high-performance-reviewmagazine-theme/6782745) but now gmedia gallery is so sluggish, photos won’t load or open, slider won’t slide…

Can you please have a look and tell me what needs to be done http://utopic.vision/travel/the-wanderer-of-vashisht/

Hello. I’ve fixed all CSS and JS conflicts with your new theme. Also I’ve updated PhotTravlr module to v1.1 for those who have the same problem. New version will be available on CodeCanyon after moderation. You’ll not need to update, because you already have the latest version.

Awesome, thank you very much! Everything looks in order :) This is an excellent plugin btw, I wish you all the best and many many sales. Thank you.

Hello, I use PhotoTravlr, moreover, use I GMedia Gallery and theme from Photocrati. As a Blog index Template I use Masonry. If no featured image is set: Pick First Image. Unfortunately, this does not function. If I use another Gallery from GMedia then it functions. Please, they help me!

Contact me via Contact page at http://codeasily.com/ , so I’ll send you updated version of module and you tell me if it will work with your theme. I can see you registered on the CodEasily.com Forum, but when I tried to contact you with your registered email I receive “Mail Delivery Failed”

hi, 2 pre-purchase questions regarding PhotoTravlr: is there a way to use dynamic urls for each photo? Is it possible to use comments to photos?

Ok I get it, but is it necessary to fill that field manually for each image separately? I’m looking for a solution that it’s done automatically so that urls change while browsing all pictures and it’s possible for visitors to share those links easily Imagine if you had to provide 15000 urls manually? As for the demo, I can still see the only url in browser url bar: http://codeasily.com/portfolio/gmedia-gallery-modules/gmedia-phototravlr/ and it doesn’t change while browsing pictures.

Sorry, I misunderstood. You mean “Deep Linking”? Look at the demo right now, I’ve just added deep linking to the gallery: http://codeasily.com/portfolio/gmedia-gallery-modules/gmedia-phototravlr/#gmedia472 Clear browser cache if nothing changes.

Stupid me – deep linking of course, apologies for distractions ;D yes that’s what I exactly meant and it workds superfine within the demo :) Going to purchase next week :)

Pre-Sale Question: Display all Galleries on Map We are looking for a plugin that will display all images in dynamic galleries by location on a map. Similar to what this does: https://www.myfotoplaces.com Can this do it?

Pre-Sale Question: Can it be used in conjunction with Nexgen Gallery Pro? I am using Nexgen to display photos on my website, can the Exif data be shown for them?

I see EXIF being listed in the plugin details, but when inspecting the EXIF, there’s actually no GPS data that shows in the Jpg EXIF, only from your live demo site’s database?

If your JPG has a GPS data, they will be displayed automatically (an example: of a photo taken on the iPhone (geo data enabled) will contain GPS data), but if you want to add this data manually You can use the form in our plugin аnd this data will be stored in the database of the site.

Our Gmedia plugin is absolutely free and you can try it before buying this module.