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Hello Angelo, how can I change the behaviour of the carousel? Standard setting is back/forth. I want to start with the first element after the last element is present (here is what I mean: Kind regards, Gerrit

the jquery noConcflict is causing all the rest of my scripts not to work properly. Any fix for this?

Is there a way to have the images when open in lightbox to move to previous or next images without going back to the thumbnails? Thank you.

Is this script still supported? I purchased it last week and sent the developer two separate emails, and I have not yet received a reply. I’m starting to feel like I wasted my money and that I should look elsewhere…

Hi I bought this plugin, but wanted to know whether it’s possible to change the behavour as ‘GB-Photodesignsays’ described & add on an x image icon to the hover image just to make it more easy & prominent for the user to close the image, rather than just clicking outside it. As well as adding on a caption on the hover image? if that would brign the price up – there is no problem please advise much appreciated thanks

all sorted-all in the code already – there’s a sprite thata I couldn’t see just becuase I didn’t need it, but all works perfectly well now

thanks anyway-it’s a very elegant slider! well done!

Hello Angelo,

Where in the script/code where I can edit the two arrows? the .gif files? I must change the src directory

I purchased this plugin with the hope of using more than one on the page. I notice the containing div is scoped as an id which is a problem. Can this be configured so multiple carrousels can be displayed on the page?

Any help is appreciated.


Could you show a screenshot from the settings panel? I would like to use the plugin on my home page and display images from a certain post (different post every week) for example:
this is my home page
this is the post i would like to display the photos from
Is this possible with this plugin?

Hi there,

I recently purchased your PhotoStore Minimal Carousel and I love it!

I do have a couple of questions. Is it possible to display 3 images instead of 5? Also, currently only 7 images can be viewed in the slider. Can I increase that number? I added about 14 images to the slider but it cuts off after 7.

Please let me know how I can do this.

Thank you sooo much!


I am really stuck on how to add the carousel onto my blog and I really really hope that someone would be kind enough to help me out with this. I have already purchased it but need to add it in now.

Thanks for reading and please can someone help me?


hi angelo, i would like to know, if its possible to activate the lightbox navigation [previous – next image]??

i see theres some code like this [ in photo.js ]:

nav_left = $(‘ ‘), nav_right = $(‘ ‘)

i’m not sure about ist so please could you help?!

thanx martin

What is the set of css/js files really needed to work ?

In documentation doesn’t mention about the includes of these files.

Best regards.

Is there a wordpress version?

no wp version, sorry

Hello, can we have previous/next buttons at full images?

Hi, sorry, unfortunately the plugin does not allow the inclusion of buttons in the enlarged photo.

Great work! Will the carousel support HTML or just images?

I’m trying to send a ticket about changing my rotating slideshow images from 5 to 3 but can’t find the purchasing ID can someone help PLEASE!!!

Is it possible to display 3 images instead of 5?

Please help!!!

Demo NOT working!!!