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Okay – I got it working but it is not positioning in my divs or page containers… any help?! a super super javascript newbie here…

Really nice effect. I love it. Thanks… With the slideshow, is it possible to have a Pause button? And, if it is possible, can we also have it as—> Previous-Pause-Next buttons?



Great looking photostack!

Is it possible for each image in the stack to have a title that appears outside the stack? i.e a title or description of each image?


Hi, Great code! I need to set 3 photostack in the same page. Can you help me with some advices?


Hello, I am using ps-slider that came with the Cardamon theme. How may I auto-start the slideshow?

Thank you!

Hi, can this be responsive? Meaning that the outer div is a percentage rather than fixed width, to resize for mobile?

Also, can it work with touch devices?

Hello, I like the plugin. Using it on the homepage of a travel site. Is there a way to adjust the easing in and out height? The default only goes up like 20% of the image for me, but I’d like it too look like it is going all the way up and over

Have you set the width and height on the IMG tag?

This is a pre-sale Q,

Do you have this for WordPress ?

Please advise, Thanks