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no reponse?

Sorry, i must have marked your post as viewed. In regards to drive module, once cms pro is updated i will add those features to it.

Hi Alex, I have a little problem downloading large files (10Mb+). If I try to download .pdf it says that file is damaged or corrupted. Even if I add it to .zip and try to download, It says that file is corrupted.

When I download small .pdf or .zip files (3Mb) it is ok. Problem is with Function downloadFile() – If I use readfile instead of fread it works..I prefer fread, but I cant get it work. Do you have any other solution? Regards

If readfile() works for you than can use it, there is nothing wrong with it. The best way to handle large files is using “X-Sendfile” but not every hosting company supports it.

Thank you.

No problem.

hello can this Add-ons Photoshop Drive Module for CMS pro work like photo stock as in to use Photoshop Drive Module with CMS pro to run photo stock website thanks

Yes, you can, but you will have certain limitations. Take a look at demo site to have better idea what module is capable of.

Is support still available for your plugins? I’ve purchased them all except this one, but need to confirm a few things on this one before I buy.

Yes of course.

Ok, I was able to confirm one of my questions from the demo. I sent you an email for the other questions. Thanks!

I went ahead and purchased this and was able to do most of what I needed so far. Just a couple more things. It doesn’t look like you’ve responded yet, so I’ll email you again with an updated question list.

There is an issue when you don’t auto approve submissions. It does not show up in the featured section, but the thumbnail does show up in the category section. When you click on it, it takes you to a page not found because the entry is not published yet. Can you please let me know the fix for this? Also, I never did receive an email from you pertaining to the above. Thanks!

Thank you , it’s good now! :)

I sent you an email about 5 days ago pertaining to some questions on this, but didn’t get a response. I’m going to revise the email and resend in a few minutes. Can you please check and reply today? Would greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sure, I will.

when are yo going to update this ?

I dont have eta yet.

the issue is once you set the category Membership , will always show you membership only.

the function of renderButton have problem with get membership_id

I’m not aware of it, but could definatly look into it. Could you please email me from my profile page?

i fixed , must be :

if ($user->membership_id <> 0) {
             $m_arr = explode(",", $user->membership_id);

Is it compatible with CMS pro v.5.00

No, only with v4


Xees Purchased

When do you think you will change this for v5?

There is no plan for it yet, other modules have priority

Update to version cmspro5?

Sorry, not yet, but it will be.