PhotoShare FX

PhotoShare FX

Photo Share FX is an iPhone component and demo app. Photo Share FX uses the GPUImage framework to take full effect of OpenGL ES 2.0 for fast hardware-based image manipulation.

Learn how to create a camera app with Instagram-style filters that significantly outperforms Core Image and equivalent CPU-based filters.

  • Take a picture with camera or choose an existing photo from the photo library
  • Scrollview menu for filters like Instagram
  • Fully functional app with retina and iPhone 5 resources included
  • Provides 14 filters: Sepia, Kick, Xpro, Venice, Moscow, B&W, Rinse, Amatorka, Aqua, Spark, Retro, Surreal, Elegant, Neg
  • Documentation provided to easily add additional filters or customize filters
  • Customize the artwork and submit to the Apple App Store as-is or easily use the view controller and classes in your app
  • Share photo directly to Twitter, Facebook, send mail, save to photo album, print etc. (iOS 6 Social framework)
  • UI is 100% in easy to read code – no Storyboard or XIB external dependencies
  • iOS 5.0+ compatible (as a deployment target)
  • iOS 7 SDK to build (Xcode 5)
  • ARC

Version History

v1.2 12-18-2013

  • Updated for iOS 7 and Xcode 5

v1.1 05-01-2013

  • Added “Vignette” filter as example of combining effects into one fast filter
  • Added “post to Instagram” feature

v1.0 04-13-2013

  • Initial release

Live Demo in the App Store

Example of an app using item in the App Store: