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Are you going to fix the php 7 error with your auto-update utility ?

The fix has been submitted to CodeCanyon and is in the review queue.

I just purchased this plugin last week. I created several photomosaic gallery pages with each image within the gallery page linking to it’s corresponding blog post. Everything was linking fine until I noticed that there was an update for the Photomosaic plugin so I updated it and now none of the images are linking. Each image opens in Lightbox now which is not what I want. In the global settings I have the behavior set to custom URL and “use default Lightbox” is unchecked. For linking the images to their blog post, I have put their link URL in the description but images are still not linking. I would appreciate any help or direction on how to fix this. Thank you!!

Hrm, none of that code has changed in over a year… do you know which version you were using before you updated?

It sounds like you’re configured correctly… can you provide me with a link to a page where I can see the problem happening? Or, better yet, if you send me login credentials to your WP-Admin I’ll take a look at your settings myself. The form on my author page emails me directly – you can send me the credentials there.

Hi there, great plugin. I’m wondering if we can set certain images or random images to take up more than one column?

No, but you can try the “Rows” layout (explained on the “Inline Attributes” tab in the “Work In Progress” section). It might be more what you’re looking for.

Hi Makfak – we love this plugin, but have encountered an issue. We’re using it alongside a jQuery pinterest button plugin that overlays a “Pin It” button on top of images. It seems to be conflicting with the animation function in PhotoMosaic. We tried disabling the animation, but your plugin still injects the animation code evn when it’s disabled. Any suggestions on how we can reconcile this? Much appreciated!

Please provide a link to a page where I can see the problem happening.


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Since I wasn’t able to reconcile the issue, I have reverted to the previous version of the plugin – so I can’t share a page where it’s happening. But it was definitely a conflict stemming from your newly released animation feature

I need to make sure you understand that PhotoMosaic doesn’t “inject” any animations – they are all CSS transitions handled by the browser – they don’t involve any structural changes to the elements being animated.

Since you can’t/won’t provide a link to a page where I can see the problem I need more clarity on what you mean by “it seems to be conflicting”. Please describe the behavior of the “conflict”.

Which version have you rolled-back to?


Was really hoping you could help me out. I thought I was finally done configuring the plugin, but am running into an issue. It works flawlessly in an individual post. But I have a page that has ajax tabs. We’re trying to make the gallery load the shortcode in an ajax request. This is what my web developer said to ask you:

“Please ask him that we are using shortcode in an AJAX request, we tried printing localized dynamically build script in AJAX request as well. But it is not working. How can we make the gallery work for AJAX request?”

We were able to get the Yottie youtube plugin to load with an ajax request after some small modification. But having trouble doing the same with photomosaic. My web developer said we should consider using another gallery, but honestly I’m absolutely in love with Photomosaic. I can’t imagine using anything else. It’s so elegant. So I’m really hoping you can give some guidance regarding how we can get the shortcode to load through an ajax request.

Thanks again.

Yes it’s possible but the “how” depends on what your ajax script is loading. If you can provide me with a link to a page where I can see the problem happening, I’ll take a look.

Hey. Here is a link: It should automatically open the images tab. If not, you’ll need to click it. I’ve inserted 2 shortcodes for Photomosaic there. The images tab is loading this page:

So on the full post, it loads perfectly. But haven’t trouble getting it to load under the images tab with Ajax. We’ve got Ajax loading of YouTube and Twitch under the other tabs. Just struggling with this one. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for your patience. I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the way your ajax-loading works is completely incompatible with the way PhotoMosaic inits. There are probably some really hacky things your devs and I could do to quickly get this working but I don’t think they’d be happy with the changes they’d have to make on their end and I know I’d be unhappy about the changes I’d be making on mine.

The good news is that there are a handful of structural changes that I’ve been thinking about making to PhotoMosaic. I’ve held-off because I wasn’t convinced they were necessary or would be helpful. It looks like they would make this EXACT problem go away.

If you can hold-out for a couple of days and are willing to test the changes… I should be able to work on this over the weekend. The form on my author page emails me directly; if you send me a message I’ll be able to send you the new version of PhotoMosaic to test.

Let me know!

Awesome product! Is there a way to add captions and link selected images to web pages on the same site?

How to show captions in the mosaic is covered in the FAQ.

Set Link To… to “Custom URL”. Where to set the URL is covered in the text directly below the setting in the PhotoMosaic > Global Settings.


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Quick question: Just installed the plugin and it’s working fine for galleries in my posts, except I’ve added Captions to my images, but they don’t show up under/above or anywhere near the images I want to caption. Is it a setting somewhere I need to activate so the captions show up? Edit: aha. It shows the caption on hover. Can this be changed so the caption is always shown and not only on hover?

edit: another issue: the gallery does not scale at all when viewed on mobile. Is this a bug? Thanks


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It’s sort of..fixed. Now when I don’t enter a caption, there’s white padding below the images. Ideally I dont want the white space when no caption is entered. This way all the images are shown without any padding which looks much nicer.


Can this be fixed somewhow?

Easy enough… it only requires a simple change to the onReady Callback setting. Replace what you currently have with the following…

function($, $mosaic, $items){
    $items.each(function () {
        var $a = $(this);
        var $img = $a.find('img');
        var caption = $img.attr('title');
        if (caption) {
            var $caption_wrapper = $('<div class="photomosaic-caption-wrapper" />');
            var $caption = $('<div class="photomosaic-caption" />');
            $caption.text( caption );
            $img.attr('title', '');
            $a.attr('title', '');

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Inki Purchased

Excellent! Thank you very much!

Is there a way to show and image lightbox icon when hovering and and link icon when there is a link (e.g. always show the image icon and another icon if there is a link available)?

Not built-in but this is something you can easily take care of yourself. Take a look at the image caption FAQ to get a sense of how you can safely work-with/manipulate the markup.

Hi – Added the “Responsive Lightbox” to try to get small thumbnails under the image lightbox of the other images in the gallery – using the “prettyPhoto” option on “responsive lightbox” but have lost the next and previous image plus still cannot get the image thumbnails under the lightbox image – any help appreciated :)

I’ve enabled you glue to this lightbox…

Cheers Jonathan

Using the caption for the link to a page with : link_to_url=”1” lightbox=”0”

But when I add more links to images, they still show the original link to the lightbox. Seems like there is a cache going on somewhere. No cache installed in the instance of wordpress, etc.

Sometimes resaving helps (the shortcode page that is). Is there a cache of anything used in your system?

Hi Author – could you answer please have a client waiting to get this one sorted.

Many Thanks

Hi Makfak!

I’d love to get this Mosaic working… when I follow the inserting gallery instructions for a WP gallery with Prophoto the images show in my post/page but then when I go to preview/publish the page is blank. Is there an easy fix to this? I’m regenerating the thumbnails on all the images in my media library. Am I correct that this shouldn’t require me to add code to make photomosaic work? Lastly is there an ideal size image to upload to make a page (with scroll down) that might have 50 image thumbnails on it?

Thank you I’m really excited to figure this out. Thank you!



I’ve never heard of “Prophoto” so, unless it generates a standard WordPress [gallery] shortcode (usually built by clicking the “Add Media” button at the top of the post editor and then clicking “Create Gallery”)... PhotoMosaic doesn’t support it.

If “Prophoto” does create a standard [gallery ids="1,2,3,4,5"] shortcode then you can turn it into a PhotoMosaic by adding theme="photomosaic" to the shortcode so it looks like this: [gallery theme="photomosaic" ids="1,2,3,4,5"].

When it comes to the look of your mosaic, it’s less about uploading images of specific sizes and more about choosing the mosaic settings that yield the look you want.

When uploading images using WordPress’ built-in upload tools (if you’re using something called “Prophoto” all bets are off) WP will automatically make copies at a handful of sizes – so you’ll want to upload a fairly large image (3-6 megapixels should be a balance between dimensions and file size).

Hi, I bought Photomosaic a couple of months ago and use it for my blog – I would really like social media buttons (facebook, twitter, but mainly Pinterest) to appear when I hover on the photos in the gallery. Is there any way to add this feature? I have read through previous conversations and see that changing the lightbox may do this. Do you know of a plugin or lightbox that would add the social media icons?

I’ve received questions about a number of Pinterest plugins but they all use the same JS provided by Pinterest (which has its problems).

The Pinterest Hover Pin It Button is actually written by Pinterest so it’s a good as any.

To deal with the fact that the plugin’s positioning logic can’t handle absolutely positioned images you’ll need to set your onReady Callback (in your PhotoMosaic settings) to the following…

function($, $mosaic, $items){
    var pin_var = Object.keys(window).reduce(function(carry, key) {
        if ((key.indexOf('PIN_') == 0) && window[key].hasOwnProperty('f')) {
            carry = key;
        return carry;
    }, "");

    window[pin_var].f.getPos = function (el) {
        var $pm_parent = $(el).parents('.photomosaic-item');
        el = ($pm_parent.length < 1) ? el : $pm_parent.get(0);
        return {
            top: el.getBoundingClientRect().top + window.scrollY,
            left: el.getBoundingClientRect().left + window.scrollX

I hope that helps.


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Is there a way to prevent photomosaic from enlarging the image so it fits the entire width of the container?

I have settings set to 3 columns, but when there is only 1 image in the gallery, the image gets enlarged so it fits the entire page. But I need it to stay it’s original size of course. When there are 3 images it looks as it should and works fine.


When the number of images is less than the number of desired columns PhotoMosaic’s default behavior is to reduce the number of columns to match the number of images. You’re saying you want PhotoMosaic to reduce the mosaic’s width to the width that the columns would be… okay.

Set your onReady Callback to the following:

function($, $mosaic, $items){
    var instance = $mosaic.parent().data('photoMosaic');
    var cols = instance._options.columns;

    if (cols == 'auto') return;
    if (cols == 0) return;

    if ( $items.length < instance._options.columns ) {
        var width = PhotoMosaic.Layouts.Common.getRelativeWidth(instance._options, instance.opts, instance.obj);
        var col_width = Math.floor(width / cols);
        var total_width = col_width * $items.length;

        instance._options.width = total_width;
        instance.update({ width: total_width  });

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Hi Makfak,

Is there a way so PhotoSwipe does not zoom at all, not in desktop and ios? not when i double tapp on it. I don’t get this to work.

If not is there a way to get a white background in the Image lightbox (from: Responsive Lightbox) now there is no background at all.

Thanks in advance. (love your masonry plugin with lazy load)

PhotoMosaic doesn’t have anything to do with your PhotoSwipe or Responsive Lightbox configurations. You’ll need to look at the settings for those plugins.


ron908 Purchased

Hi, we’re having a bit of an issue with PhotoMosaic – the problem is that our template is using a number of custom thumbnail definitions for its features. Those are, unfortunately both cropped in parts and also not always the same aspect ratio. We weren’t aware that this would be an issue with photomosaic, but as it is, the masonry-styled galleries are now showing distorted images. Is there a way to filter the used thumbnails so that we could limit it to those that adher to your guidelines? I’m not opposed to getting my hands dirty and diving into the code…

There might be a couple things we can do. It would help if I could see the data PhotoMosaic is getting from WordPress… is there a site where I can see a mosaic live?

Hi, I recently purchased this plugin and it works great. I am having an issue, however, with the first photo in my mosaic. I have added a page link to it in the Description box (just as I have with all of the pother photos), but for some reason the first photo just opens in Lightbox instead of linking to the page. I checked several times and I didn’t do anything different with the first photo than I did with the rest, so I don’t know why it is responding differently.

How can I fix this? My website is

Thank you!

It looks like you solved this yourself. Let me know if you have any further questions.


corignis Purchased

Hi. I’ve put up a site with photomosaic and now it’s suddenly is not working. cant find anything wrong and i tried to uninstall and reinstall again without result. Can you help with this? Best regards Ove

If you provide a link to a page on your site where I can see a PhotoMosaic failing to load I’ll take a look.

I’m having trouble getting the images to link to other pages as well. When images with links in their descriptions are clicked, a pop up appears as if it’s going to show the image in a window and it then spins a loading icon.

It sounds like you have the lightbox turned on. Try turning it off.


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Hello, is the Photo Mosaic plug in comparable with WP 4.6.1?