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wizwow Purchased

My images are squiched and stretched. I have four licenses, and now it looks like there is no more support. Seeing long wait times for answers. I will wait a bit and then contact Themeforest for more info on what is going on


Inki Purchased


I bought this plugin earlier and am using it ever since.

However when I look in the source code of pages on which I use the plugin, the alt texts are missing. I did specify the alt text for the images.

Could you look into this? Having alt texts is important for SEO purposes.


Hi Makfak,

I am trying to get custom lightbox to work, am using the Meow Lightbox from

I have setup a sample post with the lightbox, am trying to find out the function name and parameter, is it possible to let me know what name and params to use from the view source please.

Here is the link to the test post –

Thanks in advance,


wizwow Purchased

Hi. Any plans to make the gallery responsive or more mobile friendly? It makes the gallery smaller, but if there are five columns, the images are very small. I like it a lot, but hearing complaints.


onekea Purchased

I have a notification to update PhotoMosaic but cannot figure out how to do so. Sorry if this is a repeated question.

thank you.

Hi, seems my support is expired, so I am only able to send comment. I will renew if there is anything I can get by your reply….

I am using photomosaic with nextcellent gallery. light box is using by photomosaic, default. when my site play slide show/light box, of course photo shows individually. I would like to prevent “save images” to their devices. since I am using photomosaic set up, believe its overwrite nextcellent gallery setting, I am sending this comment to you.

would be wonderful if you could drop your comment…..

warm regards from tropic county,

Hi, I bought and installed photomosaic on my website. It’s great! but the page should be reloaded to see the gallery. Do you have any solution or suggestion? Everytime I open the gallery page, it’s a blank. I should reload the page to see it.

I’ve just figured out! Never mind~ It’s AJAX related from my current WP theme.


I have a problem with photo mosaic showing within the facebook app browser on iOS 11. If I click on a post within the facebook app linking to a blog post on my website ( it does not show the photos of the photo mosaic. It works on any browser on the computer and also on Safari on iPhone. Is there a chance to repair that? Thank you

Any suggestions? Would be thankful for an answer as I extended the support only for that problem.

Hi, my images are also not showing via the Facebook app or Instagram via iPhones. Only the featured image shows up