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Hi – you helped me set up my site a couple of years ago – I still love the mosaic!! I was wondering if there is a way to customize it so I can have videos in the mosaic? Right now I have large files (gifs) – but I wanted to see if there was a way to have videos function the same as gifs (no play bar or any controls)—just b/c when i export them as videos, the file size is smaller.

Thanks :))))


Hello! My purchase code is: 6e7ae97d-14a2-4f37-97a3-6a96a4bbdc47 and my email address is

I’m checking in on a support request I sent about a week ago re: this site page:

The photos in my gallery appear squished but I don’t know why. I am using PhotoMosaic v2.15.8, Wordpress v4.8.1, and my themes and plugins are up-to-date. I have also tried turning off all other plugins except Visual Composer, and this did not seem to help the issue.

Any ideas on how I can fix this issue of the images showing as smushed? Thank you!

Hello! I really need your help, please. This is the 3rd time I’ve written for help about this particular issue with no response. I DO have a current license that 7 mos. left of support. HELP! My purchase code is: 6e7ae97d-14a2-4f37-97a3-6a96a4bbdc47. I cannot figure out why my photos at are showing as squished. I have already run “regenerarte thumbs” plugin twice. I’ve turned of other plugins. Cannot find a conflict. Not sure what else to do. Please advise ASAP. Thank you! My email is

Huge fan of your plugin….I am working with a new theme (Bridge) and I have tried to incorporate your plugin….it installs fine but when I go to add a “gallery”, upload images, and, then toggle your gallery, your gallery is not an option. I tried to outsmart the VC that comes with the theme and just add a short code but it still does not work. Any ideas? The page I am working on is locked but the site is (pls delete my link once you have seen it)

never mind…I found some other threads that address the settings in the theme. I am all good.


Wendorff Purchased

Long time user and I can’t get Mosaic to work on a rebuilt site. I changed the settings to Masonry, Don’t crop, Center and I think that is it. I uploaded the pics, and chose PhotoMosaic Theme. On the page I don’t get a proper gallery, The images are show in rows and as square thumbnails. It also is showing images that I did not include in the gallery. The only thing that I can think is perhaps Cloud Flare is causing me issues. I did clear the cache to test this theory, no luck. Any advice?

Hi, do you have a list of parameters that can be used in the shortcode i.e. columns=”3”. I have global settings set but have other galleries that need different settings i.e. no image cropping. If you have a list of all the possible parameters then I can configure. Thanks! Derek

okay found the inline options page :-) All good.

I’m wondering if you could customise this gallery for me to use a packery JS layout ?


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I purchased this a while ago and just re-installed it but the lightbox pop-out feature isn’t working. In fact, when you click on an image, nothing happens. Did I forget about another plugin I needed to include lightbox?

Hi Makfak, how are you? I’ve been a longtime user of this great plugin.. for some reason I’m getting this weird behaviour on this RTL website: Please advise.. Thanks!

A while ago you answered a query about forcing all galleries to use the photomosaic theme (the answer involved changing $isPhotoMosaic = false;) is this possible in the latest version?

Found it, for anyone else it’s $is_pm In class-photomosaic-public.php. I’m now looking to see if it’s possible to do this within functions.php to avoid update issues so any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

The hostprovider SiteGround scanned my website today and determined that Photomosaic is not compatible with PHP 7.0. Here is a screenshot of the results: Is a fix upcoming?

Just purchased this and tried to install. Using current WP 4.8.2. Get the following error:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.