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Any chance of getting any of these:

1. A page that the final image sits on instead of just showing the image?

2. The option to add effects on top of each other?

3. Undoing said layered effects?

4. Ability for end user to adjust the intensity of each filter?

5. I browsed the docs, if I understand them correctly, I could add any value to each filter to lighten or harden how intense the filter is? Is it possible to add a filter multiple times with different intensities? (Do I have to use the json version to do this?)

Hi, the current version of photographia doesn’t do 1,2,3 and 4 but I’ll look into it this week-end and will let you know. About number 5 : yes you can add any value based on the filter used but it’s not possible to add a filter multiple times with different intensities (for now).

Thanks! I’m very interested if at the very least 1 and 5 become possible.

1,2,3,4 and 5 will be done in a future release I’m working on.

Looks Awesome ! Social Sharing surely need :)

An imagemagick / Jquery version is schedule to be released in a week

you do custom work ?

send me an email to explain your project and I’ll send you an estimate

PLEASE continue to develope this system. I think this system is needed badly. Being able to adjust the intensity of effect is crucial. Do you do any custom work?

Hello, yes I do custom work. Adjusting the effects is possible.

Wow! ultra nice! genius.

Thank you. Stay tuned, I’ll soon add a more powerfull webservice using Imagemagick and Jquery.

great script.. any chance of setting it up so the user can drag stickers onto the pic n resize them too???

Thank you, and no it’s not possible yet but I’ll keep that in mind for a future release.

Hi, when do you plan to release new version?

Real soon, trying to find a stable ImageMagick version

One more thing, can effects from nostalgia be used in photographia? we need vignette effect on our image also but they are only on nostalgia.

I’ll email you

I like the beta of jqMGICK. I’m looking for something similar to plug into a CMS/e-commerce storefront using Imagemagick functions. Do you do private contract work?

I do, email me some details and I’ll send you an estimate.


Does is possible to add watermark to final image?

Best regards Nor

Technically it’s possible to either apply a png image, or write text on the image but for the time being, I don’t have the time to update it so it can support watermarking.

Hi there, just check with you is it fine if I install it on my website and let anyone use it for free?

sure thing

Is there a link where i can browse the demo from my mobile device? The codecanyon uses frame, and ruins mobile browsing.

I’ll look into it this evening

Send me an email, I’ll send you a link so you can tell me if it suits your needs.

@Alexmarish check your spam folder, I’m not sure you’re getting my emails.

Hi love your work bro, have you any ideas on a webcam type script where users can take snaps then edit them? thanks

I’ll look intoit, but the problem is it won’t work with iphone since taking webcam snapshots requires flash.